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money spell that works & free love spell

As Autumn falls and The Raven calls Now cast your spell for all to be well... Now is a wonderful time to cast your Autumn love and money spells to tide you over the winter time. Using Black Raven pagan magic you can start to prepare your Autumn Altars. Here are 2 very good spells with handy tips to make them work even better.

Tips: Money spell & altar.

Collect leaves in green, oranges & reds. Pick 3 acorns from an old Oak (ask the trees permission and thank her afterwards)

find a black feather to honour the Raven Use red, orange and green candles. Salt in a small pot Silver coins in a pot.

Make a beautiful Altar using your items adding oak leaves acorns reds oranges and green. Ask for the power of the Black Raven to bring you all the Abundance and prosperity needed for this winder period. Light the candles And repeat this spell. Money spell ;





Leave the candles to burn safety. Remember keep positive and be thankful for all good things that come your way (even finding a penny in the street is a magical blessing!!)

scatter the salt at your front door...and bury one of the coins in the ground for winter abundance. Thank the Raven & listen out for his Autumn call. This is a sign your spell has been blessed.

Tips: Love spell potion

Go out an enjoy picking some fresh ripe blackberries. You only need a handful to make this potent Love potion 1 Apple I teaspoon of sugar A tiny pinch of cinnamon. Spell cast edible rose petals. (you can make your own or buy some from ) You are going to make a powerful blackberry and apple Love potion that can be used in many ways. My favourite and family special is to add to gin in a cocktail of passion. But you can use this potion in many other ways. Pour over ice cream or a chocolate pudding. It's an excellent way to get a love spell potion into an unsuspecting target.

How to make: Peel and chop the Apple. Add to a saucepan along with the blackberries and sugar. Add some water or apple juice with a pinch of cinnamon. Stir in the spell and repeat 3 x times. " It's not the potion I set on fire..

but the heart of the one that I desire.

Let them drink this elixir of Love

which is blessed by powers from above.”

Simmer on a low heat until soft. And visualise pink rainbow light going into the potion. Ask the power of Venus to bring you good strong love and Black Raven to protect your Love.

Sieve the potion through a sieve to make a nice smooth coulis. Take a black feather & gentle touch the surface of the potion. Give thanks to the Raven then leave to chill in the fridge. This potion can be used for all types of cocktails and puddings. Cocktail. ELIXIER OF LOVE Per glass. Ice cube I x shot of gin Teaspoon of potion Splash of tonic Stir to make a nice romantic pink colour Rose petals scattered on the top. You can find my special blessed and spell cast ROSE PETALS HERE

for more information on my Alchemy ONLINE course please see my website. OR CLICK THE LINK BELOW;

bright blessings Di x

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