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About Jinn, Djinn, Entities & Spirits

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5. handy tips on honouring your entity.

QAREEN/HAMZAD: According to Islam, every human is born with a Jinn, Djinn.

These Jinn that are born to a human are called Qareen/ Hamzad . (Qareen is the Arabic word and Hamzad is the urdu/Indian word for such Jinns). Now Qareen/Hamzad can be captured. In other words, they can be made your servant but it is so very difficult and takes time and great skill. We have captured some special and amazing Qareen on your behalf and they are now ready to find their new SOUL KEEPER. They will choose you...they are your soul mate and you will recognise them and fell them. You will be drawn to the amulets and feel an over whelming desire to connect.

Qareen or Hamzad as a twin flame or soul mate.

The Qareen or Hamzad jinn entity is your soul companion who will protect...advise & guides you through life. When you experience an over whelming desire or a deep rooted yearning for your is possibly your Qareen you are searching for?

According to the ancient ones, there are both a good and a bad Qareen constantly by our side. Their job is to record our every action, as they are assigned to us from birth. The conflicting thoughts and desires we have may in part be to do with the influence of the Qareen. Very few people get to see or even acknowledge who they really are.

Powers of the Qareen or Hahmzad

The Qareen are a particular kind of Jinn who have very magical powers:

They are linked to your destiny and will be by your side forever.

They remove bad people from your life.

They bring luck and wealth.

They bring information about a place or person you want to know about.

They stop sickness and irritation.

Help your business, bring in clients

Appear in physical appearance as someone else.

They will find misplaced, lost or stolen objects.

They will give information about your enemies.

They can warn of bad happenings.

They will also guide you to live a better life. Gain success in with your desires.

I have now been working with some who need to be acknowledge by their twin soul.....if you are draw to any of these amulets then they are calling you...they want to be by your side!!!

Of course Djinn, jinn can be very amazing entities to help you in life. I have many customers who couldn't live without their help.

If handled well and treated with respect they will stay with you forever. Most do move on as they have free will and are not the same as QAREEN.

People often ask me how to get more from their jinn. My reply is simple.

1. be grateful. Even if they seem to be taking their time to deliver your wish.

2. show them gratitude by making a little sacred place to give thanks to them even if they seem to not hear you.

3. bring them gifts such as flowers and crystals.

4. tell them you care about them even if you don't see or hear them.

5. praise them...we all love praise!!!

Di x

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