About Jinn, Djinn, Entities & Spirits

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5. handy tips on honouring your entity.

QAREEN/HAMZAD: According to Islam, every human is born with a Jinn, Djinn.

These Jinn that are born to a human are called Qareen/ Hamzad . (Qareen is the Arabic word and Hamzad is the urdu/Indian word for such Jinns). Now Qareen/Hamzad can be captured. In other words, they can be made your servant but it is so very difficult and takes time and great skill. We have captured some special and amazing Qareen on your behalf and they are now ready to find their new SOUL KEEPER. They will choose you...they are your soul mate and you will recognise them and fell them. You will be drawn to the amulets and feel an over whelming desire to connect.