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"Embrace the Magic: Super Blue Moon Healing Event" FREE

"Embrace the Magic: Super Blue Moon Healing Event – A Day of Renewal and Blessings"

Have you ever felt the soothing touch of the Universe's embrace? Imagine being surrounded by the collective energies of dedicated healers, the celestial dance of the Super Blue Moon, and the power of Mother Earth herself. On August 31, 2023, a remarkable event awaits you, offering the chance to experience distance love healing like never before… and its free to be a part of this exciting ceremonial ritual.

The Cosmic Alignment: Super Blue Moon on August 31, 2023

As the cosmic symphony aligns on the Super Blue Moon, a coven of compassionate White Witch healers stands ready to extend their heartfelt energies to those in need. Mark your calendars for this transformative occasion on the 23rd of August, a day that promises to weave love, healing, and connection across time and space.

Healing Embrace: A Day_long Ritual of Love embodiment

From the early light of dawn until the veil of night, our coven of thirteen witches will unite their intentions for thirteen hours. Each hour, a new wave of energy will be directed toward those seeking distance love healing. Like a symphony of care, the intention will flow, carrying love, comfort, and renewal to all corners of the Earth. You do not need to do anything just open your heart and set the intent to receive abundance of good things. Send your name to our email : and we will add your name to our list. Your name will then be ceremonially written onto pink paper in green ink and added to our couldron of love.

Sacred Fire Ceremony: Weaving the Energies

As the day draws to a close, a sacred fire ceremony will commence. This ceremonial dance with the flames is a testament to our connection with the Universe and Mother Earth. We will infuse the energies gathered throughout the day into this sacred fire, sending forth blessings of healing and love to all who have sought solace.

The Birth of Sacred Oils: A Catalyst for Transformation

During this sacred gathering, amidst the harmonious energies, we will create two potent elixirs: one for healing and another for inviting good luck and miracles. These oils, nurtured by the energies of the Super Blue Moon and the Earth's core, will embody the very essence of our event imbued with love, healing, and transformation.

Embrace the Afterglow: Bringing the Magic Home

Following this profound event, the sacred oils created during the ceremony will be available for purchase. These elixirs, infused with the potent energies of the Super Blue Moon and the dedicated efforts of our coven, will serve as tokens of the love and healing shared on this extraordinary day.

They will be limited so look out for the invitation to buy one.

Join Us in the Dance of Healing and Renewal

As the Super Blue Moon graces the sky, join us in this celestial dance of healing. Allow the energies of thirteen witches, the loving embrace of the Universe, and the nurturing touch of Mother Earth to weave their magic. On August 31, 2023, let your heart open to the possibility of distance love healing, transformation, and blessings beyond measure.

Experience the alchemy of love and renewal. Mark the date, set your intentions, and prepare to bask in the healing light of the Super Blue Moon. Together, we shall create ripples of positive change that will echo throughout time and space.

With Love and Light as always

Di and the Coven


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