Here's a free money spell & ritual

Money spell casting ritual. With Christmas on its way and many customers asking my advice on money attraction I thought I would share some spell casting secrets with you. Many of you also want to learn more about becoming a White witch so this blog should be helpful. You do not have to be a witch or Pagan to cast a spell...but you probably are with out knowing it !! To be a witch and cast spells the main skills you need is INTENT & FOCUS...its your FOCUS...that leads to a successful INTENT (in other words successful out come) The more you practise on focus and intent the more successful you will become. When I cast a spell on behalf of my customers I focus long and hard with pure intent on t

The Power of Drgon magick

The art of working with Dragon magick; Long ago people knew dragons were real and had magical powers. Humans understood that Dragon power could be harnessed to benefit their own lives. Dragons, so they said, were the guardians of all life, the protectors of planets and stars, ...Dragons they say could make magic and knew the secrets of the Universe where many many hidden treasures could be found. Dragons knew where to find true and unconditional love.... Dragon energy is just about the most powerful I know. It is not suitable for everyone ...but once you are draw in then there is no going back. With out doubt this is powerful stuff and is certainly not for the faint hearted. Where as Un

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