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HELP is on its way...

Struggling with life? Good new is in sight!!!

2020 what a year. No, it will never go back to being normal. What is normal anyway. Our planet is screaming out to us... and the universe is going to make us change for the better.

If you are feeling unsettled and disconnected as most of us are. Take some steps and positive action to heal yourself, humanity and our planet.

We will be experiencing a major energy shift as Saturn and Jupiter converge to make one double planet for the first time in 800 years.

This is a significant time in our history, that you can witness & be apart of. Start to prepare your positive manifestations and spell castings. Then on the peek of this event on the 21st Dec take a moment to help heal and connect with this struggling planet that us humans are slowly destroying.

Spell casting and magical rituals on this powerful day 21st Dec solstice.

Keep a close look at the night sky in December from now until 21st. You may well see a rare occurrence between the two biggest planets in our solar system. Also some spectacular meteorite displays.

From now until Dec. 21, Jupiter and Saturn will continue to get closer until they are just 0.1 degrees apart, from forming a "double planet". According to NASA there's a chance you'll be able to see it for yourself...AND this HASN'T in 800 years.

So what is the significant benefit for you?

Saturn rules responsibilities, restrictions and limitations of life, and the lessons you must learn in life. It does not deny or diminish imagination, inspiration, spirituality, and good fortune but it does demand that these things be given structure and meaning.

The mighty Saturn is more a friend than a foe. Saturn is an impartial hard task-master, serious and conservative. Signifies longevity, makes one careful, thoughtful, laborious, violent, envious, accumulator of wealth, prudent, contemplative, reserved, economical and patient. Its transit over the natal planets is of great importance.

Jupiter is the signification for children, education, religion, prosperity, fame, gain, good marital order, providential help, political power, good luck, finances and long journeys.

Jupiter influences prosperity, education, travel, law, wisdom, and ethics among others. Expanding and growing whatever he comes into contact with. Jupiter seeks to develop things, to make them bigger, to extend their borders.

So, as these two giants of the solar system converge together the impact can be huge. Here I will show you how you can harness his magnificent energy in a magical way.

This is a fabulous time to cast spells and make your affirmations. It gives the 21st Dec a more meaningful significance if you celebrate the pagan calendar.

You can carry out these Rituals any time over the next 3 weeks. Obviously it will have more significance on the 21st Dec for most of us.

Part one.

Burn a List of Things to Release

First you need to release to rise.. .Make a list of all your negative issues.

Is it fear? Stress? Worry? Regret? jealousy? Do you need to let go of negative influences in your life? Abuse? People? Substances? Habits?

After you have your list, read it aloud, take a moment to genuinely say goodbye to each item.

Fold the paper up and place a black crystal on top of the list.

Draw a pentagram in the air over the list and leave.

Now you need to think about your fire. This list will need to be burnt and sent into the universe by smoke and flame.

You can use any safe method you want to make a fire. Inside or out side.

Use a cauldron, dish, candle or fire pit.

You can make it a big celebration or a quite 2 minute secret service. There are no rules...rights or wrongs. Make it suit you and your circumstances.

I like to find a piece of dried wood such as an old twig or small fallen branch of an oak tree. I place this in the cauldron with my written list of releases and anoint with oil of frankincense and scatter with holly berries.

I then light my list and let it burn saying the words “release and rise for you must be gone. I shall feel unburdened and free and the next sun rise “leave to safely burn to ash.

Part 2.

New beginnings.

So write a list (on red paper or use a red ink pen. Jupiter is connected to red. Solstice is connected to red. Red is a power colour)

Write all your wishes that you desire. (remember that old saying be careful what you wish for! ) Take time and chose your words carefully. Do you want to attract more abundance? Travel more? New job? New love? Return an old love? World peace? Eradicate disease? Attract good health?

Are you wanting company and friendship?....

Now fold up your list and imagine all your wishes happening now....imagine that feeling of joy and happiness.

Place a red, orange or yellow crystal on your list. (agate, citrine, carnelian, yellow obsidian. )

Leave to rest while you prepare your fire.

Again there is no right or wrong. You can add elements and even write your own words.

I use my cauldron and surround it with red candles. I use the twig of oak and anoint with frankincense. I even drop a small piece of gold leaf onto the twig.

Once my fire is ready I will place my positive wish list into the cauldron and light.

I then say “with fire and smoke and a gentle poke...My wishes come true bringing opportunities new “

I leave the fire to burn out.

Remember all the benefits & influences of Jupiter and Saturn. They will magnify and double in strength over the next few weeks. Their importance in the earth's energy and how we feel is very powerful and real. Use this time wisely, especially as its truly a once in a life time moment!

For those of you who are struggling, like me, with the pain & destruction of our planet, then please join in with this.

Millions of people all over our globe will be taking a few moments out to reconnect on the 21st. The idea is to trigger the planets auto healing system through the earth’s lye lines. To do this you need to reconnect with the soil directly. You can do a number of things such as stand bare foot on the grass...kneel on the ground...hug a tree, or sit at the roots of shrub. Try to be “at one” with the earth. Send healing to our amazing planet by closing your eyes, offering love & light to all and one. Send pink light into the ground far deep into the centre of our world. Offer green healing light to every living being who inhabits this planet...then send unconditional love to yourself and humanity.

That’s all you need to do. Just a few minuets out of your busy life to help our world...our home...our universe...ourselves.

For this action you will be gratefully rewarded. You should also feel more at peace and for filled. Some of you will have a life changing experience. Some of us will realise our life’s purpose. Others will have 3rd eye opening and “light bulb” revelations. You may just feel very emotional and connected.

One warning.....don't do this from your arm chair. For it to really work please step outside and feel the soil below your feet. Get off the tarmac or paves on concrete.....feel the sand, soil and grass.

Blessings Di x


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