ask your guides for financial help

Can ANGELS really help us? TALKING TO OUR GUIDES; TALKING TO OUR GUIDES; Money. Our guides & Angels can definitely help us here on Earth with financial matters! Some people may believe that asking for money is a bad thing, believing it to be the root of evil. However I prefer to believe that money is a form of energetic currency which can be used for both good and bad. I have had wonderful results asking for help on all aspects of money, wealth, prosperity and abundance. Its only our belief structures that stop us winning the lottery or karmic issues that may block us from gaining large winnings. Look carefully at your own beliefs and how you feel about money before you ask your guides, jinn

4 ways to connect with your djinn, spirit guides or angels

Here are 4 recognised signs that you have connected with your guardian angel, spirit guide or djinn. So many of you write in to ask how to connect with your entity, when actually they are already working hard to get noticed by you. It is true that spirit guides , jinn & angels love communicating through "signs" of many kinds. Because some of us find it difficult to get started with communication of words, they will use the medium of signs, or other little ways to send us messages that we can readily spot and understand. Here I take a look at the recognised ways many spirits jinn and angels have used over the centuries. 1. Feathers Perhaps one of the most common signs that people associate wi

NEW MOON OFFER & spell casting

This New Moon in Gemini on June 13th 2018 is a powerful time for certain manifestation. NEWMOON18 coupon code for 20% off anything this weekend. According to astrology this next new Moon in Gemini is one of the “astrological power periods” that holds massive potential for powerful spell casting & manifestation. On each New Moon we have access to a “wishing window”, or spell casting period of time. I try to utilise this window of opportunity for the best possible out come . The strongest times for spell casting and wishing are 6 hours before or after the exact time of the New Moon. 13Th June 20;43pm London time. Here is a handy link You can g

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