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4 ways to connect with your djinn, spirit guides or angels

Here are 4 recognised signs that you have connected with your guardian angel, spirit guide or djinn.

So many of you write in to ask how to connect with your entity, when actually they are already working hard to get noticed by you. It is true that spirit guides , jinn & angels love communicating through "signs" of many kinds. Because some of us find it difficult to get started with communication of words, they will use the medium of signs, or other little ways to send us messages that we can readily spot and understand.

Here I take a look at the recognised ways many spirits jinn and angels have used over the centuries.

1. Feathers

Perhaps one of the most common signs that people associate with entities & angels, is a beautiful white feather sitting on the ground right on your path. It could also just seem to float down from heavenly skies.

It may be sitting outside on your front door step, or you could notice it as you open your car door to step out. This kind of sign can capture our attention because most of us would think, "What a lovely feather."

So, lets admire it for a moment, let it uplift us and drag our attention away from the mundane thoughts of our daily routine.

This is for sure a sign from our entity

friends, and they are just telling us that they are around. Maybe they are inviting us to talk to them or ask them for help. Whenever you see a sign, take a moment and see if you can work out exactly what the message is. If you ask them for the meaning, it may float into your mind. They might just be saying that everything will be okay, or that they love you. Get closer to your spirits and angels and ask them to keep sending you more signs.

2. Flashes of Light & Spirit Orbs

These signs of angels & spirits are more commonly seen in your own home. But as my photo shows they can show them selves in other ways and they are with us most of the time. Pretty displays of light or orbs are a wonderful way for our spirits to get our attention and open up communication with us. You may notice a coloured sparkle of light in the corner of your eye for just a moment. Or you could see lovely displays of light captured in photographs you have taken, or photos of yourself hovering around you. Most spirits like to be photographed too. They are showing themselves to you and want to help you and communicate. At times you may see a gently floating spirit orb out of the corner of your eye or even in the sky. Some people see them when they close their eyes and start to relax , drift off and meditate. These are such beautiful entities that there is nothing to fear.

My photograph was taken in March this year. Although I was working with a very special entity and had the ring vessel with me, this was just a relaxing day with a good friend in a beautiful sacred forest in Suffolk. The day turned out to be amazing and as usual I felt my entities with me but something even more special was happening. . However, as this was a chilling out day of fun , it wasn't until I looked at my pictures later that evening that I realised why we had had such a remarkable time. This orb can be seen on most of our pictures of that special day.

3. Tickling, Tingling, Feelings of Well-Being

My spirits are ticklers and strokers there is no doubt about it. These spirit entities can also present us with tingling feels or a strong, marked feeling of bliss or well-being. You can ask them to do that. If you are curious about the bliss, ask your angels now to give you some of this to show that they are around you. Then wait, and over the next few days you will probably be overcome with an amazing feeling of bliss just out of the blue. This is how they can give us a sign through emotions as well as bodily feelings. If you tickle your spirits and angels, they may start to tickle you back - just send the intention of tickling and see what happens. They love playing games with us, so give it a go !!

4. Voices & Talking

Ask them to talk to you. They will never intrude on your privacy or scare us in any way. If they feel you are open to them, they can speak in a quiet voice in your head that may at first sound like your own voice. If you keep listening, you will begin to recognise their personality, and even the feeling of them. You start to sense them around you. Keep your ears, mind and eyes open . Usually spirits and especially angels will speak a few words to someone if they are in danger, to help guide them urgently out of the situation. When you are in need of comfort they may say something comforting, just a few words whispered quietly to you, to help console or give you strength.

How Do Our Entities and Guides Help Us?

There are many ways they accomplish this. They may prompt us to watch a TV show or read a book or article that has the information that can take us to our next step in life. They could send relevant cookies or pop-ups to are computer and mobile devices. They can lead us to the right website even though we didn't think we wanted to go there. They can help us to make the right contacts, and meet the right people, that will assure we get where we wish to go. They are even available for us to talk to (yes they do answer!) and this only takes a little practice to learn to hear them. However you do not need to hear them in order to ask them to bring you the things you wish for or need. Remember, they are ready willing and waiting to help us .All we have to do is BELIEVE & ask.

Angelic Signs or Omens

If you wish to prove to yourself that your angels guides and entities are listening, ask them to show you a sign like the examples above. This is how I started out many years ago with my first spirit guide. At first I was not sure if they were real or not. Like so many of us we doubt at first and need some kind of Proof. SOMETIMES it takes a near death experience for closed people to start believing. I simply asked to be shown a sign. "Please spirit angels, show me a sign soon that you are with me and helping me “ It is that simple, you can do it now. It may take a few days or seconds to get a sign so do be open and hold the faith. You have to remember that we are talking to energies that live in parallel worlds or universes so time ( which is a human invention ) is very different. You may be surprised as they spring into action HOWEVER You must be open to receive whatever sign they feel is best for you and don't get disheartened ...keep trying !

My childhood experience was quite something but its too long to go into now. Since then I have learnt to feel the warm fuzzy feelings that run up my body as I drift off to sleep and know its a guide. I got funny whispers in my ears at night and feathers were always landing in front of me as I ran around. I started to see orbs of light and even rainbows in the sky at strange times. Look out for signs ...they are working hard to let you know they are about.


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