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Love is in the air....

Boost your ability to manifest your dreams this year.

Here are some simple ideas....

If you missed out on January's SUPER blood Wolf Moon Eclipse, with all we had on offer... then mark 19th February on your calendar now, then take a look at our new offerings.

There is another spectacle LUNAR EXPERIENCE to leave stargazers awe-struck & pagans jumping for joy!

Prepare your cauldrons, bubble your brew for this is an Alchemists dream!

A Full Snow Moon will light up the night sky, as the moon makes its closest approach to Earth in its lunar cycle. This full moon in February is resting in Virgo, meaning you may be finding some clarity in a chaotic situation. You could also find the need to organise the disorganised...even in the emotional realms of life.

February's super full moon set to rise to the east around sunset (3:53pm in the UK) setting towards the west around sunrise. This makes is a perfect time to perform your manifestations and spell rituals.

February's full moon has been known as a Full Snow Moon for thousands of years, but also goes by the name of Hunger Moon and Storm Moon.

Ancient civilisations, such as the native Americans, tracked the changing seasons by the lunar months rather than the solar calendar. They chose to name them after features they associated with the northern hemisphere seasons.

In February, this meant heavy snowfall and difficult hunting conditions. These names are still referred to in identifying the full moons cycle.

The Full Snow Moon is the second, of three Super moons we'll witness this year.

March has a Super WORM moon which is particularly special. The Full Worm Moon, or Full Harvest Moon as it's known in the south hemisphere, will occur on 20th March, during the Spring Equinox.

The last time these two events aligned was 19 years ago in March 2000.

2019 is set to be an exciting astronomical year ….with 5 eclipses, a stunning meteor shower, a rare planet transit...and a blue moon!

….So, lets get ready for this powerful year.

Welcome this energy into your home by starting with a total spring clean. Clear out the old and unwanted, whilst preparing to invite magical energy of these super moons.

There are many good reasons to start with a freshen up will attract your wishes and manifestations, like gems to a magpie.

A clean and bright home will pull in many positive powers & uplifting energy, at this sluggish time. February is a difficult month for many, so do something to lift your spirits and those around you. If you are hiding under the duvet covers with a broken heart, then get up now and make a change to your love area in your home.

Look at manifesting a change to your relationships by cleaning and rearranging that part of your home. Many of you have messaged me this year about broken hearts, soul mates and problems with curses. I will try to help of course...but here is some helpful information that you can follow.

You see by YOU, getting out from under the covers to set your INTENT on improvement to your situation... will in fact, make a huge difference to your life.

If you feel you are cursed of have a hex on yourself and family ….then a good old fashioned spring clean will shift any bad vibes that have stuck to dirty areas in your home. Like grease in the kitchen, bad energy will stick there and pull you down emotionally.

Dark corners where cobwebs lurk....again a great place for demons to hang out.

Take a look at this Feng Shui map. Its called the Bagua, and is similar to the Chakra system in your body. We all know the importance of balancing our bodies ….well your home and living space is the same!

If you are struggling with a tricky relationship, then do some positive work on your love area.

Clean...add new photos of your loved ones, and add some pink or red flowers. Rose quartz and blue lace agate are powerful crystals related to love. Light 2 pink candles and write a simple secret mantra on a tiny piece of paper and place it with the crystals. “I am very loved “

Using my aura room spray will help any stagnant area too.

To remove bad vibes, vampirisim, hexes and curses, try this trick. Salt and lemon in a bowl of water to wipe the walls of your home. Next burn sage and waft the smoke around the rooms. Clean your windows as its important to allow any sun light, but especially moon light into your home. Place a row of crystals on the window sills and this will magnify the moons energy. Always get rid of anything given to you by a person you don’t feel has great energy, or likes you. People give cursed items as gifts to those they done really care for!

HERE is a simple recipe for a sacred cleaning potion.

Spring water, rain water, melted snow or ice. (yes, go out and catch the rain water in a clean bucket ….or collect some snow:))

1 x empty cleaning spray bottle

2 x slices of lemon

a pinch of salt

rose petals

a crystal (rose quartz is perfect)

a few drops of apple cider vinegar.

Simply put all the above into the bottle including the crystal.

You can place in sunlight for an hour and also place under a full moon for the night.

You do not need wait for the full moon to use this potion....just get cleaning your home!

Buy some colourful roses or tulips to place in abundance area of your home .

Again this will welcome in your manifestations . You can add red, green, purple and gold objects and crystals to this space even coins with a small written “INTENT” …..” I now welcome in prosperity “

I will be spell casting some crystal stars on the full moon and you can order them from the website now.

I also have manifestation candles which are perfect for all your wishes and for you to use on the next coming full moons.

Please don’t get disheartened with your life as you have the ability to make great changes this coming few months. February is a great month to put in place your intentions for the coming year. Even though its cold and miserable out side ….you can warm up your love life or boost your finances with a positive attitude of intent. Don't just THINK IT.....DO IT …..Take some steps now to positively change your life!!

Blessings Di x

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