wonder why your life is a struggle?

Why are you struggling so much at the moment? We both know where you are trying to get to in your life, yet your progress has probably seemed a slow struggle so far this year. Why? Well simply because you are possibly carrying too much “spiritual baggage “ with you. You can’t carry everything with you as you walk this journey so it’s time to let go of what is not serving you well. So often I am asked by my clients “ WHY IS LIFE SUCH A STRUGGLE ?” Well it need not be. Lets look at the planets for a moment as they have a clear message for us…. “GET RID OF WHAT IS NOT NEEDED IN OUR LIFE!” As we see Pluto go Retrograde this week you enter a short but important period of your life. It is time to

BOOST YOUR LOVE LIFE as Venus goes Direct!

Your LOVE RELATIONSHIP now Venus goes direct At last on Saturday the 15th Venus the planet that influences our love lives is waking from her long sleep! After weeks of being retrograde ( standing still ) this planet of LOVE & BEAUTY is on the move in a positive way. If your love life has been some what lacking or even down right disappointing this year, then take heart as things are soon to heat up. She needs a few weeks to get going again after her slumber so don’t expect miracles overnight. On Sunday 16th she goes sextile to Mars so this will give hope and power to many Love interests. It will be another 19 months or so before Venus goes retrograde again so we have time to concentrate of f

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