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What are shaman and might well ask?


The word Shaman means “ONE WHO KNOWS”. These leaders were both male or female and known for their wise and clever ways. They were healers and advisers, spiritual teachers and often had the ability to manifest what was best for their tribe.

There is now much concrete evidence, that shamanism played an important role within ancient tribes throughout history. Archaeological excavations can provide evidence of shamanistic practises, going back beyond 60,000 years and probably more.


A shaman often had to be appointed, so therefore had proven skills and worth. They would be elected by their tribe and this tradition carries on today.


I have been practising shamanistic traditions for many years. I have been fortunate enough to travel the world in pursuit of learning first hand, from the greatest Shaman of many cultures.

HOWEVER...modern day shamanism is so much more as it penetrates deeper into our souls.


Today Shamanism is about coming into, and owning your own power. For women especially and those who are vulnerable in this modern society, Shamanistic practise & treatments are an invaluable journey. I offer you a sacred place to come and heal, learn and evolve on your beautiful journey.

Please take a look at my Shamanic offerings such as, treatments, coaching, teaching and products.

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