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Our Products

We are experts with jinn and djinn genies. We have a large collection of entities & spirits to help you with all aspects of your life . From Love spells to Money spells we use real Magic, Sacred rites & powerful Witchcraft.


Our haunted and Djinn entities are of the highest realms & are summoned by some of the finest Wizards and Druids in the land.


We have a range of stunning handmade spell cast jewelry, witchcraft products,  white magic talisman, all totally unique.

What We Do



We make magick happen. 


We offer everything from witchcraft products to all kinds of SPELL CASTING. We are happy to help you in any way with a spell, but only White Magic!


Our company produces items that are very special and sacred. They have been created to help enhance your life.


We have 100's of years experience in living and working on the pagan witchcraft path.


We want to help and guide you. We want to help you understand the magick of your own life and create the reality of a positive life experience.


We have many tools in our treasure chest,so if you can't find what you are looking for please email me and I will try to help.


email me at ;

The Face Behind Trulymagick




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Di Capstick

I have been a practising White Witch for as long as I can remember. It runs in our family, and we are linked to Old Mother Shipton.


These spells I use have been tried and tested with great success by Myself,Family and friends.


I believe spells should be fun..funny even and said ,sung or shouted with a smile:)


Your energy is much higher if you are happy and its the energy you put into a spell which really makes it successful.


Years ago when I first started to try out my own spell I would cast them with my dear friend . We would sing, shout, giggle and clap our hands with laughter AND HAVE SUCH FUN ...they were always successful :))


Having said all that, My spells are serious,strong and made with pure love intent.


There is no need to have any fear using my spells as I clear all negativity and and only work in white light and with the highest good.


My spells comply with the Pagan Magick rule "Harm to None".


Please try to relax and enjoy them..... and email me any questions you might have :))


All spells are cast at my alter. I make most of my ingredients myself or find them locally. I work with the Moon.Sun and elements.




Di x



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