Halloween, a powerful time for spell casting

Lets get ready for Samhain or All Hallows Eve...... Halloween, Nutcracker night, Saman, Feast of the dead, Harvest, Day of the dead , these are just a few names for this Pagan celebration. So what is it all about I hear some of you say? Its the end of the Summer ( sad to say) and also one of 4 great SABBATS for witch's and Pagans. It is rather like news years ever for the Witchcraft community and a powerful day to cast spells and work our magick. Its has been celebrated through the centuries and in many cultures from the ancient Egyptians,Celts, and Mexicans . Its a celebration of our ancestors and those who have leaf us behind. We also celebrate the absence of the Sun as the days get short


5 interesting historical facts about Djinn Jinn. Human belief in djinni has been wide-spread throughout the Arabian Peninsula, ​ Middle East​ and Central Asia​ for as long as humans inhabited the Earth.​ T​he​se​ spirits are even mentioned in the Koran. In fact, Satan often is believed to be the most prominent of the djinns. ​ The djinn​ were thought to be​ less powerful than angels, but​ held other powers &​ can assume the shapes of humans, animals or whirlwinds​ ​. ​ Belief in djinns may well predate both Christianity and Islam.The word djinn comes from the Arabic "jinni," or demon. Its root is janna, meaning "to cover or conceal." In English, the word is often translated as "genie." "Acco

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