Happy new year..so whats in store?

So lets start with the next 3 full moons...all are super moons so we start the year with heaps of energy, power and emotion. What's in store for you during 2019 ? JANUARY’S SUPER BLOOD WOLF MOON & LUNAR ECLIPSE MEANS LOVE AND PASSION ALL ROUND.....HERE'S WHY. 21 January 2019 I is a total lunar eclipse super full moon! Wow...get casting your spells. Those of us in the UK will be able to see every part of the eclipse as long as we are willing to stay up all night! So, wrap you warm, take plenty of blankets and a hot tody. This will be a spectacular and long night as the Moon will start to enter the Earth’s shadow just after 2:30am GMT. The maximum eclipse will occur just before 5:15am. The ent

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