watch out, an eclipse is about!

What is happening in the Universe to cause many of us, such up upheaval? With Mars retrograde and a total lunar eclipse approaching on the full moon 27th July emotions are high, fated events, repeating themes, destructive behaviours, sexual tensions and anger issues, and much more, are affecting our lives at the moment. But its not all bad.....Keep your head down and understand what is happening. There are many really good things on their way for all of us if we hold tight and remember to breathe. Mars retrograde until the 27 August 2018..creates an excessive amount of sexual tension and frustration which is difficult to express. Mars retrograde means you should think twice before acting. Fa

7 traits that make you very special

MY WHOLE FAMILY SAY I AM WEIRD !..DOSE THAT SOUND LIKE YOU ? How about, "I don't know a single person like ME !" ? …. SO, lets get one thing straight you are not weird !! What’s normal anyway, and who wants to be normal...I don't ! If you have the feeling you don’t really fit into society and even feel happier, perhaps in your own company..then read on. You may even have been called hypo active or other so called learning check out my own spelling mistakes. Perhaps you get bored easily, or had a tricky childhood! DON'T DESPAIR ..YOU ARE PROBABLY A STAR CHILD , CRYSTAL CHILD OR INDIGO. In a world that has lost touch with its soul, the indigo, Star or Crystal child i

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