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watch out, an eclipse is about!

What is happening in the Universe to cause many of us, such up upheaval?

With Mars retrograde and a total lunar eclipse approaching on the full moon 27th July emotions are high, fated events, repeating themes, destructive behaviours, sexual tensions and anger issues, and much more, are affecting our lives at the moment.

But its not all bad.....Keep your head down and understand what is happening. There are many really good things on their way for all of us if we hold tight and remember to breathe.

Mars retrograde until the 27 August 2018..creates an excessive amount of sexual tension and frustration which is difficult to express. Mars retrograde means you should think twice before acting. Fated events and repeating themes will reinforce which of your strong desires need more background work before being acted upon. Such events could be painful but needed so you back off and don’t make a major mistake. You may have struggled with destructive Mars behaviours like anger, rage, violence or sexual abuse. If so, events will force you to admit you have some anger management issues. This too, could be a very painful experience.

A total lunar eclipse will occur on July 27, 2018.

The Moon will pass through the centre of the Earth's shadow. This eclipse will also be the longest total lunar eclipse in the 21st century. Totality will last approximately 103 minutes and the eclipse will shroud the full moon in a deep red glow.

The full moon on July 27, 2018 at 4° Aquarius is a total lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse July 2018 astrology is mainly influenced by Mars, making this an emotionally challenging eclipse. Mars anger and frustration could easily turn to reckless actions because of a harsh aspect to Uranus.

Remaining calm in a crisis is the key to dealing with this overly emotional lunar eclipse. This is particularly important for the next few weeks while the JULY NEW MOON ( 12th July ) is still active.

It brings the potential for a crisis with your self-esteem, a relationship or an event, and for neurotic distress triggered by a deeply buried subconscious fear of disaster.

The July 2018 lunar eclipse is a rare central lunar eclipses, where part of the Moon passes through the centre of the Earth’s shadow. It is also the longest total lunar eclipse this century, lasting 1 hour and 23 minutes. This powerful total lunar eclipse is also called a blood moon because of the reddish colour caused by light being refracted by Earth’s atmosphere

Working with the affects of the Eclipse....& How to survive...

1. Eclipses work from the outside, towards the inner YOU. External events can affect your life and emotions in a monumental way. By understanding this, you can get some control back.

2. Eclipses bring back old memories of big events from your past. You may sell a house or buy one, or start a new business or close one. You may get a major promotion or a new client, or be given enviable publicity, or be downsized. You may meet someone new to date, or get engaged. Or, on the other hand, an eclipse may “eclipse out” someone from your life, as is the case in a breakup or divorce. Often at eclipse time, we are very aware of the passage of time, and that can make us restless, even with very happy news.

3.You may come in to a lot of money, or lose an important source of income. You may sign a big business deal or walk away from one. You might have surgery or win a marathon and be on TV. You may acquire a new pet, or sadly suffer the loss of one. Not all news on eclipses is happy, but...eclipses do mark major life events that make us value the good parts of life even more. Most of the time most of the people can expect lots of great things to happen around a 6 month window.

4.Eclipses often change the status of a situation. While an eclipse will always seek out the weak link in a situation, they are just as capable of helping you in a very positive way. Such as to help you find new love or be asked to interview for a big position. What may seen bad can quickly turn into a big POSITIVE!

5. Keep your eye on your health at eclipse time, and doubly so if the eclipse is near your birthday, is in your birth sign, or is six months away from your sign. Eclipses can leave you drained and exhausted.

6.. You may feel like you are being swept to a new land at eclipse time. You are – just go with it as all you leave behind no longer serves you...but your new world will.

7. The ancients always wrote that if you act under an eclipse, especially a full moon eclipse (lunar), the plan would not work out quite the way you expected. It’s better to consider the ideas of others at eclipse time but not to make proposals or announce decisions of your own at that time. Instead, bide your time and act a few weeks later when there will be less cosmic dust in the air and things are more settled. You’ll have a clearer head a few weeks after an Eclipse.

8. IMPORTANT....DO NOT impulsively ACT, BEHAVE OR REACT! If you want to have a major talk with your sweetheart over grievances you have been harbouring, do so weeks before the date of the eclipse or else table your talk for a few weeks later, when the atmosphere won’t be highly charged. When you act at eclipse time, you may be surprised at the outcome – things could backfire or create an effect that you had not anticipated.

REMEMBER WE ARE HERE TO HELP......I can cast a spell for you or help in many ways.

I have launched a new Aura spray to protect and calm the negative effects of Mars retrograde and the lunar eclipse.

Di xxx

8. ot anticipated.

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