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Free Love spell & how to cast it.

Free Love spell and casting instructions

cast on a Full moon or waxing moon.

Opening a magic circle to create a sacred space.

This ritual will allow you to fully 'open' yourself

To be able to cast any type of spell !

It all starts with the Materialisation of Space and the Creation of the Sacred Magic Circle.

This is a simple yet affective way to create a Magic Circle.

I have added pictures of my space to help you set up your own space.

To start you will need the following ;

Frankincense incense stick

(to mark the East with the Element of Air)

A pink candle

(to mark the South with the Element of Fire)

A bowl of spring water

(to mark the West with the Element of Water)

And a shell filled with salt

(to mark the North with the Element of Earth)...

The first time you draw the circle IN THE AIR AROUND YOU, do so with your right index

finger, because your 'athamé' (personal magical tool which could

be a wand, crystal or coin) may not yet consecrated.


Slowly spin around your perimeter clockwise three times, whilst imagining a

Pink light coming between you and the rest of your home. It is

important to draw the circle in front of you, going clockwise. Stand

inside the circle (not outside it) and start with the East.

Once you have been around three times, stand in front of your

altar (the calm and discrete place where you will perform this

magical operation) and light the incense. Go around the circle (still

clockwise), starting from the East, and say: "With sacred light I

consecrate this Divine Circle"

Return to your alter. Light the candle and say: "With sacred fire, I consecrate

this Divine Circle"

Take the goblet of water "With sacred water from the sky and rivers, I consecrate this circle".

Take the bowl of salt in your hands and again, saying:

"With sacred salt from the earth, I consecrate this circle"

Your Magic Circle is now ready to cast your love spell.

Repeat this Incantation:

"Sobidor Sobodor Sobudor.

Soprisemis dolor fugas sensor."

After saying this Magical Incantation, you may now repeat the Love spell 3 times.

WARNING: NEVER go beyond the boundaries of your circle, either

to enter it or leave it. You absolutely must stay inside it until you

close it again, otherwise you will break it and the energies will

escape. Once you have finished your Magical Operation, you

absolutely must close your Magical and Divine Circle again in order

to banish the energies before you cross it.


Thank the entities present and go around your Circle, this time

going anticlockwise, saying: "I thank the Universe for this

circle and I send the energies back where they came from,

with harm to none my spell is done."

As you can see I have added fresh flower ( Pink roses and fresh Rosemary )

Both are very good extras to add to Love spells.

It you would like any of the items to help you with your spell work then pleas email me at ;

I also stock sacred and consecrated items and Altar oils and room sprays. I have beautiful wands available and even the one on my Altar is available for sale.

I hope you have enjoyed this ritual. I have tried to keep it simple and please keep it fun. Keep your energy happy and high might help too!

Love and light

Di x

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