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Magical Fairy Feet

Take a long look at your feet & nails now!

Get party feet this season with my new FAIRY FOOT CREAM...

….ITS contains more than you think!

RICH and moisturising but will not only give you beautiful fairy could get rid of unwanted surprises!!!


Why its important to look after your feet and hands.

Foot & nail fungus is far more common than you would expect .

Neem oil combined with other essential oils is a fantastic way to combat this problem.

Unsightly and Dangerous

Nail fungus infections are really far more common than you would think.

Take a look at your toes, and those of your family, you may be surprised to see the odd nail growing up, rather than out. Yellow or white patches on the nail signify a fungus. At first you wonder, “where did it come from?” Well, you probably got it from wearing your shoes too much or from walking barefoot in a public place or swimming pool. It transfers quickly to your finger nails especially if you are under the weather. .But what is more scary... is, going for a pedicure can be a sure way to contract foot fungus if the therapist hasn’t thoroughly sterilized her equipment. This fungus loves to be trapped under gel nails and chemicals as they thrive with little oxygen.

Maybe you had never heard of nail fungus (fungi) and didn’t really care until you found them occupying most of your toenails.

Toe nail fungi commonly infect the feet because these minuscule fiends love dark and humid places on the human body. As our feet spend most of their time wrapped in leather or rubber shoes, the fungi often breed in the toenail where warmth and moisture are found. This kind of fungus is naturally anaerobic, which means that they thrive in an environment with very little oxygen. It belongs to the dermatology family, which also causes athlete’s foot, ringworm, psoriasis, and jock itch among others.

I love my swimming, so its no surprise that many years ago I contracted it in both my feet and hands, especially as I was run down at that time. I researched a natural remedy and came up with this fantastic recipe that all my family and friends use.

This fungus can get out of control and cause many problems, as well as leading to more serious conditions. I urge you to look at your feet and start to treat them if you have any sign of fungus or athletes foot.

Just take a look at the older generations feet. “yuck!!“your feet do not have to go the way of most people over the age of 80, if you look after them and care for them NOW. This is a vital part of loving yourself and developing a feeling of self-worth. In my courses I start with,” loving your feet “as they offer us so much in life. We take them for granted, yet they move us forward on our life's journey & keep us going in our chosen direction.

Foot Fungus dose not have to be an issue, so start now with my beautiful hand crafted treatments for beautiful nails, feet, and hands.

I have combined all natural ingredients and come up with;

1. Fairy feet fungus treatment oil. (a rich neem and tea tree oil)

2. Fairy feet fungus prevention cream. (moisturising cream with neem & peppermint)

3. Fairy hands nail treatment and skin treatment (antibacterial and very moisturising)

Neem is an amazing natural plant & has many uses.

Neem oil that is extracted from neem seeds & is rich in anti bacterial properties. It makes great ingredient in cosmetics and other beauty products: soaps, hair oil, hand wash, soap etc. It can treat a bunch of skin diseases and is known to be an excellent mosquito repellent. You can mix it with coconut oil and apply it over your body as well. It is believed that in India, small children are fed neem oil as a type of cure-all. Besides being such a great Ayurvedic healer, neem oil can be used to protect other plants, animals form pests and is a great anti- ageing ingredient. It can also be used in creams, soaps and other cosmetic products.

Look for yourself at the benefits of NEEM...just google the benefits of neem oil …..


1. Protect Your Skin and Fight Ageing neem oil is chock full of antioxidants

2. Heal & Moisturise _For any type of skin, at any time neem extract provides excellent moisturising and healing benefits. It is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids that help improve skin elasticity and provide and retain moisture.

3. Treat Acne With Neem Oil. The anti-inflammatory and analgesic agents in neem help reduce the redness, swelling and pain associated with acne outbreaks. The fatty acids moisturise and nourish the skin, while the antibacterial properties fight the bacteria that cause acne.

4. Treat And Prevent Scars_While it can be used with good effect on existing stretch marks, you should be aware that you should not use neem oil if you are trying to conceive or if you are pregnant or nursing a baby.

5. Relieve Eczema And Psoriasis Symptoms_Although these two disorders are caused by a genetic predisposition, it is possible to reduce and manage symptoms with proper care. Neem oil soaks into the skin deeply and also provides a protective barrier to promote healing.

6. Effective Anti fungal Agents_You can boost the effectiveness of your OTC anti-fungal cream by adding a few drops of neem seed oil, or you can simply try using neem oil on its own to fight ringworm, athlete’s foot and nail fungus. Understand that you must use pure neem consistently and over a long period of time to see positive results in fighting off fungus.

7. Neem Oil Tames And Conditions Your Hair_Rub a few drops between the palms of your hands and stroke neem oil through your hair to tame frizzy hair that leaves an attractive shine.

8. Condition Your scalp by applying neem oil combined with coconut oil or avocado oil directly to the scalp prior to washing. Massaging the oil into your scalp will also help increase blood circulation and open up pores, which may help stimulate hair growth.

9. Neem Oil Use In The Garden An Excellent All-Natural Insecticide_Use industrial grade Neem oil spray in your garden as an excellent all-natural pesticide.

Foot & nail Fungus dose not have to be an issue, so start now with my beautiful hand crafted organic treatments for beautiful nails, feet, and hands. Easy to apply & fast acting.

I have combined all natural ingredients and come up with;

1. Fairy feet fungus treatment oil. (a rich Neem and tea tree oil)

2. Fairy feet fungus prevention cream. (moisturising cream with neem & peppermint)

3. Fairy hands nail treatment and skin treatment (antibacterial and moisturising)

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