free money spell... bring more into your life

FREE MONEY SPELL AND RITUAL THAT REALLY WORKS. its been a while since a wrote my last blog. So much has happened & its been even longer since I shared any money spells or ritual with you. So WITH CHRISTMAS LOOMING here goes.

This ritual and spell is a simplified variation, on a coven favourite. We know it works.

We will also be casting our version on the 13th November 2019. You have the opportunity to book a spell with a cast coin from the cauldron, if you do not have time to cast this money spell yourself.

Here is what you need.

9 red candles (white will act as any colour)

I like to use red as its a stromg positive colour for money spells

Red is also for rapid results.

Sharp implement for caving

A cauldron (or a china bowl will do)

3 silver coins

3 bay leaves

Dried marjoram (or money herbs)

A pinch of cinnamon

A bottled spring water, sea water, river water or rainwater (or sacred altar water) don’t use tap water.

A lighter

BEST CAST on a full or Waxing moon. We like to cast out side if possible but in your home will be fine.

1. Cave a ££ sign into each red candle (or $$ and other money sign)

as you cave think of all the money coming into your life. (don’t try to guess where this money is coming from, just let the spell energy work that bit out)

Fill your heart with love for this money, after all its going to help you greatly. If you have time and want to put extra effort in then cave your initials into a candle, or all of them.

2.Make your altar or sacred space. This can be full of items you love and are related to money. Also those you wish to include in this ritual, such as family. It can be a simple clean table with nothing else being used, other that the items listed.

3.Prepare your cauldron by half filling with water and adding the bay leaves, marjoram and pinch of cinnamon.

4. Place the cauldron on your altar and put the 9 candles around the cauldron in a circle.