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The Power of Drgon magick

The art of working with Dragon magick;

Long ago people knew dragons were real and had magical powers.

Humans understood that Dragon power could be harnessed to benefit their own lives.

Dragons, so they said, were the guardians of all life, the protectors of planets and stars, ...Dragons they say could make magic and knew the secrets of the Universe where many many hidden treasures could be found. Dragons knew where to find true and unconditional love....

Dragon energy is just about the most powerful I know. It is not suitable for everyone ...but once you are draw in then there is no going back.

With out doubt this is powerful stuff and is certainly not for the faint hearted. Where as Unicorn energy is beautiful , loving ...calm and unconditional ...Dragon energy is all of that but with a turbo charge!

It pushes you...its very energizing and extremely creative!

How do you know you are ready for this magnificent beast to enter your life?.

...well its an urge....a strong one at that ...and if you are ignoring your natural urge then they will pop up everywhere and dance ,sing and slap your not literally slap but you get my meaning?!)

You might well see them in the clouds..reflected in water. They will pop up in ads and on the television. You will see them in nature as mountain ranges , shadows in trees and shapes in art or abstract forms. They, like Jinn have the ability to show them selves in a pile of leaves or a muddy puddle. From fluffy clouds to abstract tiles if they want to connect with you then they will.

So don't ignore them as you will be deigning yourself a great opportunity to improve your life. Their magic is wonderful enhancing.

I have worked with then over the last 2 decades , but also in many previous lives. Now I am ready to share with you the many secrets and surprises they have on offer.

I am launching over the next few weeks many Dragon items and entities as I have been guided to share their magical ways.

Working and summoning Dragons is an enormous skill and one that only a few have achieved . I have made it easy for you as I have asked the Dragons I work with to simplify their energy to help us humans if they want us to save this Universe. They are not keen on the new idea that great scientists like Stephen Hawking have about us leaving Earth for another planet. We humans need to learn our lessons and clean up this planet other wise it will have a huge negative impact on this solar system.

ANYWAY ENOUGH SAID ON THAT can these amazing creatures help you?

They have so many skills that they can impart to you ..from riches to talents, to matters of the heart. whether you just want to meditate with Dragons or fill your home with images of them...from Jinn Dragons to statues ..they all have a meaning and significance that will empower you and your life.

Is it your time to live life with a Dragon?

Use coupon code DRAGON to receive 20% off anything on my website this and light Di x

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