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CALLING all witchs !!

Calling all young witch's...or not so young...or even old crones even !

I say young as I mean young at heart not age....lets face it I have the age of about 6..but the experience of at least a millennium or two when it comes to witchcraft.

The reason I call upon you as I have a task for you. I need to start to pass on some of my secrets of magick and the Craft. Its time for me to step up my game and spread the Craft far and wide.

WE NEED TO SPREAD THE MAGICK...Lets really start to heal the world and improve our own lives!!

I am going to be teaching and writing far more so need a bit more time. Thus I have decided to share my spell kits and their knowledge to other budding witches who would like to learn and help others and of course earn some money from their craft.

I am going to offer various packages over the next few days for anyone who might be interested in a hands on learning approach, a wholesale opportunity , or coaching and a real life training experience at my Hillside Cottage.

I have listed whole sale packages this morning ...and those of you who really know me will understand that this is a genuine opportunity to start your own little business just as i did many years ago.

With on line shopping becoming the norm...its amazing how a small business can soon grow into an empire.

It is hard work but I have taken most of the strain out as I have perfected these kits and will offer full set up and some on going support.

I have spent years on these products finding the perfect items to accompany each spell kit.

As far as coaching and training goes I will be offering day courses on various subjects such as;

1. Initiate you into the Craft and teach you how to cast a spell the correct way.

2. open your 3rd eye , clear your aura of negativity and open your heart chakra.

3. Teach you how to make spell candles and the magical recipes

4. Lead you on a journey of discovery to find your spirit guide / guardian angel and make connection.

In the meantime if you have any questions please email me at

I would also mention that my blog has reached the TOP 10 best witchcraft blogs !!! is a link so you can find other worthy blogs on this subject.

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" listen to the stillness of silence as it has much to say "

love and light

D x

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