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How to make 2018 an abundant year and change your money situation for life.

So its now mid February.. cold and wet and we still have our Christmas spending to recover from!....STOP RIGHT THERE!!!

Hold on a moment...not everyone feels broke or strapped for cash in Feb.

Not everyone hates the cold weather...not everyone gets S.A.D ...this is just what the media tell us we ought to be feeling at this time of year!

Don't fall for it...step outside the box for a moment and do something positive during February.

It can be hard to happily jump out of bed on a cold wet morning when the bills are piling up lets change our perception of this time of year, and turn it into a brilliant and abundant time of fun!...I did this a few years ago and now enjoy February and all it has to offer.

If you can buy into the common belief that we create our own reality by the way we think...then surly if the media, along with friends, are all moaning about the February blues ...lack of cash ..and the bleep bleep weather ...then that must be what they are experiencing in their lives...but that is THEIR LIFE....OURS WILL BE BETTER!

That's what I decided to do many years ago...changed the way I thought about money, wealth and abundance. I learnt not to fall for the common belief that February was an awful fact I went out of my way to make Feb 2004 a fantastic month.

I wanted to believe I could change my life for the better . I wanted to believe that I could create my reality the way I wished it to be ....I wanted to never fear being broke I did some radical things!

I took advice form my Shamanic Guru and made a plan of action.

I spent money. Yes,... I spent on a lovely warm sunny holiday in the middle east, Oman in fact in a 5*** HOLISTIC HEALING HOLIDAY.......because I am worth it.. and I knew I needed to get strong and positive to change my life. I saw this as an investment in me I saw this as an investment in my future .

The next thing I did was to do some feng shui in my home ...and even in my garden although it was freezing! Lets face it most gardens or doorsteps look dull in the winter, but think about it.... who wants to pull up at a house with dead pots and window boxes . So I spent a few hours cleaning up the front of the house and bought bright coloured primulas to bring in some positive energies to my front door!

Now, You are probably saying " what has all that got to do with bringing in money, prosperity and abundance?" ...Well I'm not totally sure, but I know it works and for 1000s of people!

It may sound strange to go out and spend money when most of the country is hibernating ....but it has an amazing effect and....I have clients who have proven this. SPEND WISELY & INVEST IN YOU! ,,,even if its a smudging feather and sage to clean your home of bad vibes.

I believe its about changing the energy around us. I believe its about "intent" THAT MAGICAL WORD that makes spells work. I believe it to be a positive action that we actually go out and do stuff with a positive intention. I also know from experience that when you feel broke and poor .....well that is what the universe serves you up!

So, stop NOW and change your thought pattern.

Here are some helpful facts and actions to take ....NOW!!!

If any of you have read or researched " THE SECRET " you will understand . If you have not then I suggest you google it now.

Next, Write a list of all the wonderful items you have already...start with the most basics....WATER. FOOD. A ROOF OVER MY HEAD.A MOBILE. A BED TO SLEEP IN. FRIENDS. See how lucky you are already . Continue in a state of gratitude for all that you have already . Keep going right down to the slippers on your feet. You see more than half the world don't even own shoes. How many pairs do you have?....NOW DO YOU SEE HOW LUCKY YOU ARE?

Get into a mind state of gratitude for all that you do have. This is IMPORTANT, as in this state of mind you will manifest more abundance into your life.

Next your list and say out aloud " SEE HOW LUCKY I AM " and make up a daily mantra or spell such as...

I am a rich witch

who lives in a palace.

I am healthy and wealthy ...

living a life that is precious :)

By putting in the effort to write your own words you are already starting to change your energy ! .....and LUCK!

Use your mantra or spell to keep you in the right state of mind. If its a funny one then all the better AS A SMILE ATTRACTS ABUNDANCE!

Next is a hard one as you need to lose the fear of being broke. That's a lesson that can take a life time so work on it in small chunks. Lets just start with whats left of February . Keep telling yourself that you have far more than you really need, so you can donate to a worthy charity as you are so abundant . Clear out some items and lovingly donate . By clearing out the old, you make room for more abundance . An empty space always gets filled. By giving, you will receive 10 fold. ( if you don't understand the 10 fold rule I suggest you goggle that too ).

Try the fairy money spell;

Take a coin and and wash in salt water.

Dry it and hold in in your strong hand.

Fill your heart with love and direct it into the coin.

Say " this is for the fairies with love"

Then go for a walk and leave it somewhere lovely like in a park or on a bench . Give it a kiss and just walk away.

Okay, so I mentioned Feng Shui in the paragraph above. I spring clean my home and garden every February. Yes its old fashion something our great grandparents did. But, you know it has an amazingly positive affect on your well being when you feel fresh and organized ...clean and bright...just try it.

Negative energies are stored in the corners of your home. All those bad thoughts you have had are stored unless you hoover them up and throw away the bag. More seriously these negative energies will attract curses and demons whatever your belief, for this is the hiding place for bad stuff. When I have carried out and Demon removal ritual in a persons home I always find HORRORS lurking in a dark dusty corner!

next .

Light a money spell candle and daily repeat your mantra or spell.

Pay your bills happily and with love . Why?..because you can afford it and also it is making room for more money to come back into your life.

Make a money altar dedicated to Mars . Use the colour Red . Buy red candles and fold up a £ OR $ NOTE and place a red crystal on it then light the candles daily . Do not spend until the 1st March.

If you want to buy candles from Trulymagick I have red money candles in stock. Or just make your own.

I also have some new green crystal luck and abundance spell kits with a green agate abundance bracelet to wear to bring you in money and luck.

All of the above will bring you in rewards as long as you remain positive even if things seen to be going wrong....

......on very rare occasions the spell can SEEM to go wrong or backwards, but actually what it's done is to make room for abundance.

So ...the basic rule of the universe is what comes in.....must flow out. Money comes in...then goes out...but what we want is more to come into our life's and less to go out.

The secret is to be okay about it when it leaves you.....relax....understand that the universe will send you much more very soon as long as you HOLD THE FAITH. You need to learn that with all magic it can work in mysterious ways and not always how we humans would expect.

For example. If you clear out a cupboard or wardrobe ...have you notice how it soon fills up again. ....think of your bank account or wallet like this....when it's empty it's making room for more to come in. I and many clients of mine have noticed this over the years. If you relax about the soon get your rewards . If You understand the rules of the universe ....what flows in must flow the ebb and flow of the sea.

The secret is to relax about it.. I know HOW HARD THIS IS when you feel broke...but change your thinking and start to trust that the spell you cast...or wish you made ...or intention you made will work out in your favour as long as you have faith and hope. Relax and understand that the universe is almost testing you, SO YOU can learn the tricks of the magick and making ABUNDANCE A REALITY!!!

FREE money magick.........

ok so congratulations on reading this far....this is where the real magick is hidden. With in this blog are key hypnotherapy words and phases. You already are on your way to changing your life and money situation. EVERY TIME YOU FEEL NEGATIVE OR YOU NEED A " MONEY BOOST " ...RE READ THIS BLOG...and take

action !! The hypnotherapy words are already at work and you will naturally NOW begin to attract wealth!!!

#money amulet ~ring of money

love and light Di x

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