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Dark Angel

Dark Angels …demon or divine ?

"The Dark Angels are known as true Demons or the Angels of Chaos. They corrupted the earth and are the reason for the division of heaven and earth and the creation of hell. The Dark Angels are the creators of vampires thousand years ago, when the earth was still joined to hell. Dark Angels where once White Angels but fell from grace as they became rebellious to the light of Heaven . They misguidedly struggled for power, greed and control."

They spread corruption among the humans and created the race we humans call Vampires today.

HOWEVER over the last few centuries there as has been a huge cosmic shift and many of these Dark or Fallen Angels have realized that the the path they once thought was the right path no longer serves them or humans . Just as the Djnni have changed, so have the Dark Angels. Many , not all, now have embarked on a spiritual white light path to correct the errors of their mistakes and are trying to connect with HUMANS TO HELP ENLIGHTEN and revert the wrongs to this planet and Universe.

We know that Vampires come in so called " good & bad"...but do we really acknowledge the beauty and power of the Dark Angel?

I have firsthand experience of the wonderfully enlightened power these amazing Angels can gift us humans. They relate well to us, as after all, are we not guilty of wrong doings ourselves ? Therefore these beings are perfect to teach us how to tap into the magnificent power of white light and Universal power.

The Dark Angels were merciless destroyers and conquerors. They corrupted humans to such a point that Chaos was the only thing existing. Take sugar for example. Many people believe that the discovery of sugar in the medieval Tudor times was the work of these Dark Angels. They knew we would become addicted to this wonderful substance and that greed and obsession would take over. Think how many people lost their lives working as slaves on these sugar plantations!!..The privileged rich lost their teeth as decay set in.

Now to compensate Dark Angels are working with us and White Light workers to help us over come this addiction and greed.

That is just one example , there are many more such as humans finding natural remedies in plants to help heal our minds and bodies. Dark Angels have helped me in my Alchemy work and they are especially active as the Autumn approaches and into Winter. Once the longest day has passed these forces will emerge with helpful ideas and strong positive energies to help us through the dark nights and short days of Winter.

Call in Dark Angels to help give you ideas and inspiration to make your dreams come true. Whether is to attract money abundance, they will be there at your side to give you ideas and support!

This weekends free gift are 4 Dark Angel wish with every order over £10 0r $8usd

Love and light Di x

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