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Summer solstice celebration.


with a simple but powerful ceremony.

Depending on your individual spiritual journey, there are many different ways you can celebrate the summer solstice. However the focus is nearly always on celebrating the power of the sun.

It's the time when the earth has warmed and your garden is in bloom. Crops are growing heartily and the young creatures are taking the next step in their circle of life. We can spend long warm evenings enjoying the outdoors, and getting back to nature under the long daylight hours.

Litha, or Midsummer, is a celebration that has been observed for centuries, in one form or another. It is no surprise, then, that there are plenty of myths and legends associated with this time of year.

In England, rural villagers built a big bonfire on Midsummer's Eve. This was called "setting the watch," and it was known that the fire would keep evil spirits out of the town. Some farmers would light a fire on their land, and people would wander about, holding torches and lanterns, from one bonfire to another. If you jumped over a bonfire -- presumably without setting your pants on fire -- you were guaranteed to have good luck for the coming year.

After your Litha fire has burned out and the cold ashes were used to make a protective amulet. You can do this by carrying them in a small pouch, or kneading them into some soft clay and forming a talisman. In some traditions of Wicca, it is believed that the Midsummer ashes will protect you from misfortune. You can also sow the ashes from your bonfire into your garden, and your crops will be bountiful for the rest of the summer growing season.

Today our Coven carry out similar traditions . We will celebrate on this day by making amulets and candles . We will enjoy blessing rituals and celebrate the power of the sun.

So, here we are offering 4 handmade Summer Solstice candles so you can carry out your own simple ritual by lighting and repeating this simple blessing.

May the flame of the Litha light,

Carry our wishes through this night.

May we draw strength from this flame to enjoy our life's path.

Bringing Luck and Protection until upon us comes winters hath.

so mote it be.

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