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Get ready for a positive change to your love & wealth success!

Like the Phoenix, YOU TOO can renew your life!

You were born to succeed now is your chance to move forward

Since Mercury has been Retrograde you might have been suffering much more than usual with the important areas of your life. All these areas are actually linked, so when things fail in your personal relationships for example this can have a knock on affect with other areas of your life such as your professional situation, again affecting your finances and position in society.

Like the Phoenix you can rise again!

However, now things are about to change big time as Mercury is going Direct from May 3rd, so everything is back up for grabs! As Mercury regains its direction you’ll going to feel a real boost in such areas as communication, negotiation and general understanding of your surroundings. This will positively affect your relationships or potential loves. Your finances and success situation will push forward too. If you have been feeling " stuck "...unable to move forward or emotionally impaired,now it the time to spring back into action!!


Cast some really positive and powerful spells to give Mercury the push in the right direction that you so need after this stagnant time. With the Aries-Mars link, you are going to be all the more likely to finally get what you deserve! There’s a real karmic theme here that is being brought to the table by Mercury.

So what’s the first thing you need to tackle with the transition of Mercury? Look within. The answer to your success, as it always has done, resides within you. You were a born success. The very fact you are reading this blog shows me that you are a spiritual and enlightened are on the right path! Now start with some positive affirmations and candle lighting. Start casting and wishing. Listen to your inner voice and get Mercury on your side during this short period of Transition.If you feel you have been misled by society and pushed down the wrong path and not necessarily towards your own destiny. You are perhaps getting to see a blurred trailer of your true life and not getting to live the full extended director’s cut! Right that wrong here and now.



-- Love & Light Diana x

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