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Tips on love spells,manifesting...rituals and spell casting.

Love is in the air....

With another Super moon on its way 19th February, there's no better time to cast your spells.

Here are some handy tips for casting spells. Prepare now, for the night of the full moon. Or Fridays are a good day to cast love spells.

For all love spells whether it's for self love, to find and attract new love, or reunite an old love...start with the colour PINK.

Find pink crystals, pink candles.

Make an Altar or sacred space.

Cut out a heart shape form paper, then with pink pen and ink write 3 wishes about the person you are wanting to attract or manifest into your life right NOW.

For example;

1. we are happy and in love always.

2. we are united and bonded now.

3. we live our lives to the best we can for one another, now and always.

(notice I use NOW as a time scale. Its important to make sure you use NOW as opposed to the future. All spell casting and manifestation should be made in the NOW)

NEXT believe it has happened and take a minute to feel in your heart what it is like to be with the person you desire. Take 3 deep breaths and imagine being in the arms of the one you love...NOW.

You may become emotional....that’s good...emotions when making manifestations is a great energy.

To start your ritual or manifestation.

Place the paper heart in a sacred space or your altar. Put some crystals around it with flowers or rose petals. Place a photo of your self in the centre and any other objects that represent love.

When you feel ready light your candle and place it by your written manifestation. Place some crystals around it with flowers of rose petals.

Next take a deep breath and repeat this love spell 3 times.


Spend some time cutting out word of love, and that express how you want to feel, from a magazine. Make a mood board by sticking the images together.

Then on the board arrange crystals, hearts, rose petals and photos. Make a ring of candles and light. You can repeat the spell 3 times and leave the candles to burn out safely.

A more permanent ritual is a sacred place in the love areas of your home. Take a look at your floor space or map of your home. Find the love and relationship area by using the bagua map below and add hearts, and symbols of love to this area.

I have more details in my feng shui blog.

Here is some advise from other experts;

Activating the South west Corner;

Activating the LOVE & RELATIONSHIP area or the south west corner strengthens the role of the woman. By activating the yin or feminine energy of the home you provide a balance that can promote harmony in marriage and love relationships. Using both yin and yang will attract love and happy relationships into your life.

(for more information on FENG SHUI please visit my workshop and modules on the art of Love using feng shui)


One easy way to activate the south west corner of your home is to add some meaningful artwork that reflects the earth, love or scenes with pairs featuring item or animals in twos (representing you and your partner), or fiery colours like deep red, purple, and orange.

Art with a strong earth element energy: The earth element is the main element of the south west feng shui area. It brings stability, grounding, nourishment, and protection. A scene with pairs of items (yin and yang) is a popular love area home cure.

  • Art expressing the energy of love: Focus on finding art that really speaks about true and Be mindful about the colours in the art, and avoid dominant colours suggesting water, metal, or wood (the other feng shui elements). Also avoid large mirrors, which suggest water.

  • Fire element art: Decorate with art, textiles, or even an accent wall featuring fire element colours: red, orange, pink, yellow, or purple. This can be as simple as adding a few throw pillows in fire colours or fitting the light fixtures with red lampshades. Furniture in red or other fire colours will also perk up a south west corner.

I will be painting special love and relationship paintings on this SUPER FULL MOON February 19th to capture the moons energy eternally is special LOVE painting to include all the elements.

For more information please visit

Di x

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