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Halloween... lets get ready for Samhain or All Hallows Eve..sometimes called

Nutcracker night, Samain, Feast of the dead, Harvest, Day of the dead, theses are just a few names for this Pagan celebration.

5 tips on making your Altar to celebrate this wonderful festival.

MAKE A WAND to celebrate this magical day.

Think red, yellow, Orange, gold and warm tones.

Decide whether you want an outdoor or indoor altar or even both. You can have as many as you want & your altar can be anywhere. Many people have a natural altar outside or take portable altar items into their gardens or places of beauty. This gives you a close connection to mother nature & I advise you at some point to have a go at making an outside Altar. I use my indoor Altars constantly and some people won't believe it was an altar as its so subtle. Choose a room to MAKE IT IN. Many choose a bedroom because this is a private room that is easy to relax in.

Consider the direction your altar should be in. East facing altars are common because east is where the sun rises, and it is the traditional direction of Christian churches and masonic temples. Another popular choice is North or North-East, and many Pagans instinctively pick it. Lots of rituals are said to start with the practitioner facing North. My favourite Altar is in a North facing window and gets plenty of moon light. You can also have your altar in the direction of your element. So air for east, fire for south, water for west, north for earth and centre for spirit.

Find a place to set up your altar. You can keep your altar on a dresser or table, coffee table or window sill. Consider if you want a permanent one or one to celebrate the odd festivals. Other places are drawers, bookcases (though this means you can't have candles under the wood), trays, tree stumps and rockeries. You can also have an altar box, so your objects are kept safe and private from others if you live in a busy household. You can take the items out and place them on top of the box when in use. Choose somewhere that feels right for you. Use your intuition.

Choose the style of your altar. If you are heavily influenced by paganism then maybe you will use Celtic deities like Brigid. If you want a love altar then an Altar to Goddess Venus. If you have native American beliefs with your Wicca practise then you may choose some of their symbolism on your altar. Consider your personal beliefs and wishes and then honour those.

Decide on the items you will use.

  • Candles with a colour you best think represents this festival or your wishes.

  • Crystals that have some meaning and representation such as Carnelian and citrine. Both are good colours for Samhain.

  • A statue that represents the Goddess. This can be any goddess: Isis, the moon goddess, or statues from a Greek goddess like Hestia; it depends on what goddess calls you. You can also use totem animals of the goddess like a hare, cat, owl or other lunar animals.

  • Something that may represent feminine elements. For example,

  • water = chalice or bowl of water, seashell, cauldron, sea glass or mirror,

  • earth = Salt, green/brown coloured objects, stones, plants (leaves, flowers, etc), soil, bones

  • Air = sage stick or smoke stick.

  • Fire= Candle.

  • Symbolism such as a pentagram, moon, runes,

  • Crystal ball or divination tools.

  • A few objects that are sacred and special to you. Photos of family past and present. Remember Samhain is about honouring the past and the dead as well as welcoming the new.


Di x

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