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New moon ,#new love

Great news is on its way !!!

Mercury turns direct just a few hours before the New Moon on April 15th here in the UK and 16th USA & Canada.

It is technically direct but still stationary and therefore very powerful. Mercury is chaffing at the bit to get on with it (whatever "it" is for you). Mercury's shifting energy will bring things into sharp focus – our thoughts, perceptions, ideas and communication. Therefore, don't be surprised if your brain feels like it's on overload with fresh ideas, inspiration and awareness.

However, your logic, reasoning and perceptions are likely to be susceptible to the extra Aries heat, so you are more likely to rush to conclusions. Before you over react take time to fully think things through and the implications of what you're experiencing.

Time now to apply for new jobs, adventures, move home and start new projects. You can go out and spend on those bigger purchases and sign any contracts....but do read the small print and think it through.

A new moon is always a good time for new beginnings and a fresh start. You can happily cast your spells from the 16th April ( new moon) through to the full moon on the 30th ( for my friends in the US and CANADA 15th & 29th depending on your state )

So your mind is alert and jumping with ideas....time to start something new. Grasp this time to find your true Goddess within. Spend some of that powerful moon energy on your inner self.

Its been a tough start to 2018 for many. However great learning and strength will come from the harder times in your life, rather than from the easy more gentle periods. So now you can be kind to yourself and spoil the inner child!!

Remember, to be a good human need to start from a point of “ self love “ .

To love yourself is to love the Universe and ALL.

When you love yourself you will be able to love others ….but more importantly receive true love back. Its like a magnet …...the more you love and respect yourself...the more you receive back!

You will start to attract good quality love in return for loving YOU!

Many of you have been having a really hard time with relationships over the last few months. Now you have a period of time to work on yourself. Open up to new learning about YOU and YOUR inner needs. Many females especially, spend far too much time and energy on their partners needs. This can be fulfilling, but at the same time.. also quite draining unless you learn to focus some of that love energy back in your own direction. Don't depend on your partner to feed you what you need ( you could wait a life time!) learn to be self reliant ….its very empowering .

Learn to give without expecting a return.....then watch how your life changes for the better as you become more enriched and even begin to feel more fulfilled .

Happy Mercury direct

Di x

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