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LOVE is in the air, act fast!

Cast a spell or cast out your intent for love is in the air!

The powerful new moon in cancer, if handled well could have a remarkable effect on all that we love and hold dear to us.

Use this powerfully emotional energy to enhance your relationships whether they are Romantic, Loving, friends, family or pets….This is an energy for personal relationships not humanity.

Tell your loved ones how you feel …whether new or established. You will be self healing old emotions as well as laying down great foundations for the future.

You may feel the influence of the planet Black Lilly trying to hold you back….be brave and go for it as the energy is so powerful for love …passion..romance ..friendship , self love and the love of all you hold dear to you. What’s more it will not only be laying great foundations for the future, but this new moon energy is going to last for 7 to 10 days so if you can’t make a gesture of love today you have the next few days to do so!

You must ask yourself, what feelings are preventing me from moving forward in my relationships? Are the relationships I have established positive? Am I valued and I value those I love? Am I with the others considering that I should always put myself first? Do I put the needs of another first? How is my relationship with my family? Is there any karmic bond that I should heal?

Moon Sextile Venus: This is an excellent combination as we are uniting the sensitive Moon with the planet of love. It favors the harmony of feelings. This aspect will help us to balance the conjunction between the Moon, the Sun and Mercury seen before. It will give us the possibility to express affection and communicate our true emotions.

Moon Conjunction Mars: This is not a good position, as we are uniting the world of war with the emotional world. The Moon and Mars can’t mix energetically, and so generating emotional tensions. On this day, be careful of tensions and conflicts that may arise. We will have to be patient and learn to take care of our reactions.

Moon Opposition Pluto: This opposition tells us that we have to be careful about letting ourselves be guided by negative emotions. This opposition tells us that this day we can experience a drastic change in our emotions. Remember that Pluto is the planet that regenerates and transmutes energies. On the other hand, it can help us connect with our deepest and most hidden emotions. It is important to see our darkness as much as our light.

Mercury Conjunction Mars: Our mind will be in constant activity. We will have much energy and predisposition for discussions. The power of the word will be the great winner in this aspect. So we will have to be careful to start arguments because yes. The mind will be the main tool of this aspect. Even so, remember, our thoughts are not everything.

Mars Trine Neptune: This aspect will make us connect with our deep sexuality. It is important to recognize the true meaning of our relationships because normally, this aspect makes us inclined to be with another person for an interest. An example, are those people who are with someone not to be alone. Remember that if a relationship is formed out of a need, it will end when that need is fulfilled.

So you may be all over the place emotionally ....just go within and give yourself some love, then ask yourself some deep questions about your situation!

Happy new moon

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