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Spells & Spirit guides.

Make a Sacred space

This could be a coffee table or shelf. Just a space to place items of value to you. Pagans use natural objects like feathers stones ..coral...shells...pine cones...acorns etc. and a candle. By making a special place to cast your spells you will harness the energies needed. Call in Spirit guides..djinn...Saints or magical creatures such as Unicorns to help.

About my Guides and Djinn..... I use the Moon and Sun, all earthly Elements, Ancient Goddesses & the Angelic Realms. A white Unicorn has long been my guide and portal into this wonderful I can try to open it up for you too to share and explore...... I have worked for many years using this white Unicorn energy. Babylonian Unicorns are very strong and protective creatures. I have one as my guide. They are beautiful...kind and very loving. They can be shy so bringing in the energy of a Faerie Princess will quicken the bonding process. Magical Unicorns a wonderful entities for protective magick. A golden horn is enough to deter nearly all types of spiritual attack. Some are ferocious defenders and will offer there Keeper protection from both psychic and physical harm. They are known for great wisdom and will help you make the good choices on your life's path. They are spirits that will help guide you through life's challenges providing vast opportunities to bring luck and great success into your world. In addition to his obvious skills of wisdom and protection,Unicorns have another, much more potent gift~his Golden horn holds a powder that neutralises poison and venom....this powerful anti-dope works in the traditional Unicorn way. As legend refers, the dust from a Unicorn horn contains magical powers that work to destroy your enemies at a much deeper source. Protecting from venomous words and actions, PROVIDING PROTECTION FROM HARM AND HEXES. This amazing creature can bring his Keeper a host of gifts, including some that are far beyond our imagination. He can guide you to finding treasure and more wealth. Unicorns are well known for the romantic abilities and love inducement. He can fly you off to the romantic worlds beyond the veil. He can bring you much happiness and good fortune. His great wisdom will gently teach and in your dreams he will appear to comfort and strengthen.

There are many types of Unicorn energy so do please email me for more info :)

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