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Calling a new will know who you are...

Look at the amazing energies that are expelled from this ancient timless pendant. The image depicts 2 female High Preiestess from the Vampire Kingdom sitting on a broomstick.


**Unlock Supreme Protection and Healing with the Vampire Guardian Necklace**

Are you ready to embrace unmatched protection and healing for your soul and body? Say farewell to curses and hexes as our super powerful Vampire Entity steps into the spotlight, clearing away all that ails you. This entity is your guardian against the shadows, dispelling bad black magic with an unwavering force.

**Key Features:**

- **Comprehensive Healing:** Experience holistic healing as this powerful Vampire Entity targets ailments of the soul and body. Let go of the burdens that weigh you down, and revel in the transformative energy that sweeps away negativity.

- **Curse and Hex Removal:** Bid farewell to the dark clouds that surround you. Our entity specializes in clearing curses and hexes, ensuring that any negative influence directed at you is swiftly eradicated.

- **Lifetime Protector:** This is not just an entity; it's a lifetime companion. With steadfast loyalty, it stands by your side, offering protection that extends beyond the physical realm. Feel the assurance of its presence, knowing it has your back in every situation.

**Empowerment Through Gold:**

Elevate your protection game with a stunning solid 9ct gold necklace. Beyond being a symbol of opulence, this necklace becomes a conduit for the potent energies of the Vampire Entity. Feel the fusion of style and supernatural power as you adorn yourself with this extraordinary piece.

**Blessed for 13 Full Moons:**

Your new protector has undergone a meticulous process. The vessel, a powerful solid 9ct gold necklace, has been cleared of all negative energies and blessed under the gaze of 13 full moons. Now, it awaits a new keeper—a guardian seeking supreme protection and empowerment.

**Are You the Chosen One?**

Feel the call of destiny as you consider becoming the new keeper of this exceptional Vampire Entity. With its POWERFUL protection against bad energy, hexes, and curses, it stands as a sentinel, ready to safeguard you from the most potent negative forces.

**Seize Your Shield:**

Empower yourself with the ultimate shield against the unseen. Embrace the protection, healing, and empowerment that await you with this Vampire Guardian Necklace. Step into the light, knowing that you are guarded by a force that transcends the ordinary.



POWERFL protection from bad energy HEX AND CURSES.

This Vampire dark Angel will protect from even the most powerful of bad energy against you. She will block and break black magic spells and clear and bad stuff coming your way.



She needs a new home please. VERY POWERFUL FEMALE VAMPIRE ENTITY . BEAUTIFUL ENERGY of protection. Her name COUNTESS Rollesby .

She is from the Kingdom of LOKE WOOD.

She is powerful and loving so a great friend to have with you at all times. I will send out all details with will be drawn in as you look at the photos.

Di x

Vampire DARK ANGEL of protection amulet.Ancient vampire healing dark angel

£3,999.00 Regular Price
£3,599.10Sale Price
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