New... More powerful VAN VAN  spell candles. 10 candles.  ANY WISH


Just light, we have spell cast SUCCESS into them & MADE THEM WITH OUR SACRED van van oil .


PERFECT FOR MANIFESTATION RITUALS.  We have cast the magick light the candle for any wish.



LOOK OUT FOR MY BLOG On how to bring money into your life. Van Van & Hot foot oil originally appeared in New Orleans Louisiana, specifically in the West Bank district of Algiers, across the river from the French Quarter. A number of other oil recipes, such as the Red Fast Luck oil, Venus LOVE oil come from this area and are know to be very effective. ( See my other listings) I spent much time learning this traditional witchcraft method of making an authentic oil, when I visited the USA many years ago. Many of you also want to learn more about becoming a White witch so think