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New sun and moon blessed. 200 gram bag of sacred aura clearing herbs and salts.



Assisting you on your journey, we proudly offer our Moon-Blessed Aura Clearing Salts and Herbs. Crafted with utmost care, these herb-infused salts have been meticulously collected and blessed upon our sacred stone, with every step steeped in love and reverence. Drawn from the embrace of our organic nature sanctuary, a wild garden of alchemy flowers and herbs. These salts possess multidimensional essences, and spirit of herb, dedicated to dissolving the negativity clinging to your aura and body.


Each box of Moon-Blessed Aura Clearing Salts and Herbs, is paired with a refillable cotton bath bag, thoughtfully crafted for repeated use. Embrace the ritual by filling the bath bag with our enchanting magical herbs. Submerge yourself in a leisurely, warm bath or let the mystical essences dance upon your skin in the shower. Feel the negativity melt away, carried by the gentle currents of these sacred herbs, leaving your spirit refreshed and your being rejuvenated.

200 gram box of powerful magical blessed herbs and salt

Moon-Blessed Aura Clearing Salts and Herbs. Manifesting Herbs for a Bath ritual

  • I use Royal mail TRACKED AND SIGNED due to the value of my items.I am experienced in shipping to the US ,Canada, JAPAN, Russia and the EU.For Australian customers please contact before you order.I don't charge for additional items!! :)

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