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30 X COVEN RITUAL. We will cast and clear with our 30 day vidual of power. 13 members of the coven spend an hour each night working on your

problem. It will clear bad jinn pocession, Hauntings, juju, Bad curses and hexes.


Black spot and VOODOO.Amazingly powerful hex,curse, negativity blocking clearing ritual and protection IS PUT IN PLACE. For all those who feel they have been cursed or send negative vibes then this ritual will remove it ... banish it....block it and protect you and your family.Please email me for more info.If you want then a follow up visit by myself I can do this after the 30 days. Fees apply.

Its simple to use and can become a regular part of your families life . It will also offer protection to children and pets.


30 day full COVEN hex removal ritual. we will remove hex curses ~voodoo

  • I use Royal mail TRACKED AND SIGNED due to the value of my items.I am experienced in shipping to the US ,Canada, JAPAN, Russia and the EU.For Australian customers please contact before you order.I don't charge for additional items!! :)

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