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 Third eye opening oil 3RD EYE #3rdeye


Out of the main seven chakras third eye chakra is one of the most important ones.Your third eye gives you an opportunity to experience different dimensions without having to leave your body.


This is the easiest way to see other dimensions which your physical sight cannot perceive.You see through your eyes the physical world and you also have the ability to see the spiritual world through your third eye chakra.


Third eye chakra has the purple/indigo colour, however some people even see very dark, almost black eye. The eye doesn’t even have to be shaped like an eye, although this is the most common shape.


Some people see the third eye chakra shaped like a square or a star.You can also see a realistic eye or just a shape filled with indigo or purple colour.If you don’t get enough source energy it will be quite hard for your to open your third eye. You can get an abundance of universal energy by meditating.

When you meditate you get universal energy through your crown chakra into your whole body.Usually people experience their third eye when they meditate, and that certainly happened to me too.

Through meditation you can get many experiences which include the awakening of kundalini energy, nervous system cleansing and the opening of the third eye chakra.

When you meditate your third eye may show itself to you without you even trying. However, if you consciously want to see it, you should, during meditation, concentrate on your third eye area (between your brows).


However, you should not focus on this area too intensely. You just have to be aware of that area.When you concentrate on your third eye area, you’ll start feeling a tingling sensation or a slight pressure/vibration in that area.

This always means that the third eye chakra is awakening, no matter how small pressure/vibration you’re experiencing.After some days, or even the same day of you trying to see the third eye, you may start seeing the colours of it.


You may straight away become aware of your third eye, but that doesn’t happen often.Usually people start seeing blurry shapes and colours of gray, white, purple and indigo before the actual sight of the third eye chakra.The more you meditate and practice, the stronger colours get and then you’ll finally be able to see your third eye.


If you don’t feel any vibration when you concentrate on the third eye, but you see colours of your third eye straight away, that means your third eye is already awakened.This usually happens to people who were very spiritually advanced in their previous lives.

Therefore in this life you don’t need to try hard to develop spiritually -– everything happens very quickly and naturally.When you see your third eye, you should concentrate on the middle of it or on the most intensely coloured part of it.

This way you’ll get a glimpse of other worlds because you’ll be sucked into the fourth dimension.When that happens, you may feel being physically drawn to it, or you may feel vibration/pressure in your body.

Don’t get scared -– this is perfectly normal.When you’re getting sucked into the fourth dimension, you may experience your journey as going through a tunnel. I personally saw a black tunnel and a beautiful purple light at the end of it.


I was being sucked in very fast and I would constantly emerge from different tunnels.When you concentrate on the light at the end of the tunnel, this pushes you forward and you can visit different worlds in different dimensions.


When you open your third eye chakra you become more spiritually sensitive because your aura gets a purple colour. With time you’ll be able to strengthen your personal gravity field so that you would be protected from the harmful energies of others.With the opening of your third eye chakra your sixth sense sharpens and you become more in tune with the universe.

Your personal traits may not change much, but you’ll have a greater knowledge of this world and others.Your eyesight lets you see the world through limiting beliefs, therefore you only see a small picture of the real world. Your third eye chakra doesn’t have such filters, therefore you see the reality as it really is.ConclusionYou’ll benefit in many ways if you decide to awaken your third eye chakra. Your sixth sense will sharpen, therefore you’ll become more sensitive to what’s happening in your reality.


You’ll also become more present in your daily activities which will empower you to complete them in a more effective way.

Furthermore, you’ll understand that there’s no such thing as death in this world -– after the end of your physical body your soul becomes connected to the whole of who you are.

When you open your third eye chakra, you’ll be able to see other dimensions whilst being in your physical body. This will give you a better understanding of who you are and what your life’s purpose is.

3rd eye opening oil~Reiki infused~blessed

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