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life changing eclipse

Today's Solar Eclipse 11 AM UK TIME...has the potential to rock your world!

This incredible event is colliding with Mercury Retrograde, Mars hold onto your hat! What you truly want and need could come crashing into your awareness with startling intensity. This could lead to a life-changing breakthrough that will help you start living life on your own terms ….but its NOT GOING be easy!

Learn the way of Celtic witchcraft.....

Solar Eclipses present you with unexpected opportunities for profound change and transformation.

Now is the time when you could decide to grasp opportunities and start a fresh. You may be pushed to try a new direction or learn a new skill. Career changes are abundant along with life changing choices....GO for it...

Learn the magick of Alchemy...

This particular eclipse is encouraging you to break free from limiting patterns so you can finally let your light shine! Embrace the bright future ahead of you by revealing what's on the other side of this planetary movement by trying one of our new witchcraft courses


Di x

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