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Helpful tips for this powerful full moon

Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse

Total lunar eclipses are also sometimes called Blood Moons because of the reddish-orange glow the Moon takes on during the eclipse.

In some parts of the world, the eclipsed Full Moon will be a Blue Moon.

It is also almost a Supermoon, prompting many to call this moon on the 31st a Super Blue Blood Moon eclipse.

​This blog might help some of you to make full use of this amazing night. You might not be able to see it but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening and that you cannot benefit from the amazing energies it is radiating.

​ here is a break down of how a super blue blood moon can help you all.​

A Super Moon

The moon is going to be closer to Earth, creating a stronger gravitational pull. It will have a strong effect in your personal power.

A Blue Moon

It is the second full moon in a month and is more powerful than a regular full moon. It enhances the connection between the realms and any spell work done will have long-term results.

A Blood Moon

This is a moon eclipse, a good time to get rid of the old and welcome the new.

So if we combine​ them all together

we have a perfect night for leaving old habits behind​

and welcoming a new and powerful self !​

Depending on where you live this moon falls on ​31st Jan a Wednesday, which is a Mercury day.

​However, the power starts about 24 hours before the totality of fullness so you can start to work your spells on Tuesday am. We of the Coven start to make our candles ​in the run up to fullness as we have so many castings to create and summoning rituals to perform.

Please don't get hung up on the exact time of the full moon as long as the spell and intentions are cast in the 24 hour before you will absorb the moon full energy. It dose not have to be dark to cast, however I much prefer to cast late at night if possible.

Things you can do this night:

A full moon ritual​, cleansing yourself and your home.

​First take a lemon and salt bath. Raw natural sea or maountain salt and chop up 2 freash lemons. Add to the running water of your bath and enjoy a long soak.

This will clear any negativity that might be attached to you. Then put on clean cloths ​and begin to clean and bless your home.

Again you can use salt and lemon in warm water to remove all negativity. Chant a spell or mantra such as “ demons be gone ...replace with love”

Recharge your tools (wand, crystals, etc.)

​Place all your sacred tool in direct moon light for an hour or so.

This can be inside on a window shelf or outside on a table.

Make a blessing, or spell casting​ for the upcoming months.

​Make a list of positive intents and wishes in red ink. Then fold up the paper

and bury in a pot of soil or garden or take a walk into nature and bury under an Oak tree.

Make some special moon water for future spells. It would be really powerful.

​Place some pure filtered water or rain water ​in a ceramic bowl with rose quartz and obsidian

sitting in the bowl in the moon light over night.

​( I will be making some special rose & crystal super moon water which will be on sale 1st Feb. )​

Cast long-term spells.

​money , love , travel, new life , ​protection.

Also cast spells for dramatic change. (A new job, home, relationship etc.)

Blood magick will be more powerful this night, make it count.

Any banishing rituals....​ be it habits or annoying is the ​

time to kick them of your life.!!​

This is a simple list of ideas that you can plan to do for the night of this very special moon. A once in a lifetime occurrence that we should celebrate and benefit from this blessing.

However don't worry if you have other plans for this time....just relax and enjoy the energy as I will capture its magic in many products and conjured items which will be listed soon on the website !!

Bright blessings


Love & Light

Diana x

Trulymagick White Wicca Witchcraft.

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