This weekends Free treats

Hold onto your hats!!! With 2 eclipses and Mercury Retrograde in August it’s going to a bumpy journey through the next few weeks for some of us... so you need to be forewarned to be forearmed.

look out for our free gift this weekend

One of my lovely customers emailed me this morning asking if I was going to give some treats away this weekend as she was feeling a bit low . " good idea " I responded ...let me get to work on that ...and what might be causing some of us to be feeling a bit low....

There are some interesting energies around that could be starting to affect us now, and with Saturday / Sunday's full moon that could effect many of us in our emotional center. Also, the Lunar Eclipse lines up to hit us in 30 days time. Lunar Eclipse August 7th and a Solar Eclipse August 21st and if all that instability wasn’t enough decision-making Mercury will be retrograde August 12th to September 5th.

In general August is not a good month for launching new work projects, scheduling elective surgery or starting a new romantic relationship. Eclipses trigger changing circumstances .Past attachments may end but the seeds for new ideas and opportunities could also be born. These eclipses will be especially powerful if you have planets in Aquarius or Leo. The Lunar Eclipse is at 15 degrees of Aquarius so if you have planets from 12 to 18 degrees of Aquarius or Leo you will definitely feel the shifting energies that could last a few months and a Lunar Eclipse can bring personal matters to a culmination.