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Love & Luck on Friday's full moon!

Strawberry full moon Altar

Get ready for EXTRA love, Luck, & Abundance with Friday’s powerful Full Moon!

This month’s strawberry full moon is super power packed as Jupiter the red planet of abundance goes direct too!

Get ready to cast your spells and make your affirmations as this Sagittarius full moon wants to start new beginnings and go on adventures. Now is the time to cast money & luck spells and wishes. Make positive affirmations as the influence of Sagittarius will be pushing you to go on adventures and learn new things…..however with the sun in Gemini and Saturn in the back ground you may feel stuck for a while. I feel the main influence we should be working on during this period is making positive wishes and affirmations for the future. If you want to spell cast some good stuff into your life then the 9th June ( Friday / Saturday) depending on where you are in the world is a perfect time to cast for money luck abundance, success and positive new beginnings whether it's starting a new job or planning a move to a new home or country.

Red is the corresponding colour for Jupiter so set your Atlar alive with red candles and flowers. Red crystals and write your spells down on red paper or with a red pen. Here is a photo of my strawberry full moon Altar to give you some ideas. Of course we at Trulymagick will be working hard that night to cast spells on your behalf and also make a load of power packed full moon Jupiter abundance candles in red and special blended herbs . Look out for our offer on these this weekend !!!!!

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A strawberry moon is the first full moon occurring in the month of June. It is called the strawberry moon because Native American tribes saw it as a signal to start gathering ripe fruit. In Europe, it was known as the Full Rose Moon, or the Honey Moon because June is a popular wedding month. Other names for it include the Hot Moon, the Mead Moon, or the Long Night Moon.

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