Karmic debs..get your rewards.

PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT to read this. I want to speak to you about your karmic debt & karmic rewards. You know the old phrase, what goes around, comes around? Well, you might well be in a karmic struggle at the moment .And what is worse, you may not even realize . A karmic debt period in your life gives you an opportunity to clear and repay old wrongs...but also receive great rewards for great RIGHTS that you have delivered over the lives that you have lived.

Our souls are much older than we think and they have a pre-programmed mission that dictates our lives. Have you ever had that compulsion to help out a stranger or felt an instant dislike towards an individual? Well all of these reactions and feelings are tied up in your karmic journey. As we move through our lives we are trying to balance our Karmic debts & gain rewards through the interaction with other souls, either by paying someone back for good turns or granting forgiveness to the ones who have wronged us in the past. All of this is part of our karmic responsibilities and they have a real effect on our daily life.