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New moon spell casting for April 7th 2016

Magick is the oldest & most ancient of all the spiritual crafts. However today it has one of the most important functions in todays modern world. It is a source of personal growth & empowerment as well as helping us to connect with mother nature.

White magic is entirely positive and harms no one. It seeks only to bring good & positive help into our lives & those around us. Use it wisely and watch as the universe delivers our wishes and reveals our deepest dreams.

Our great wise ancestors & Sharman practiced the folk art of spell casting that are at the heart of magick to bring them love and abundant harvest. They cast to keep their families safe and healthy and to attract good luck and fertility.

My indoor new moon Altar

Spell casting can be as simple or complicated as you choose to make it. There are not rights or wrongs...( just harm to none a golden rule of white witchcraft).

Keep it simple to start by carrying out a small private ritual to fill your energy field with the powers you need to draw love to you, get a good job and to protect yourself from unkindness or awaken your natural fertility powers, so that you can make life more as you want it.

Ask the supreme force of goodness and light. Often people talk of the Goddess, the mother who made and cares for all. Angels are often called upon for blessings and protection. White witches from the corners of the world . Ancestors, Faerie folk.Dragons,Ravens Djinn and many others are all used in magick castings. Remember what you send out you receive back ten fold, so any bad magic such as sending bad luck to others reflects back on the sender.

Herbs,symbols, water, salt and flames are all part of my spell casting. As well as Goddess Venus. I use my Unicorn guide too.

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