THIS box of 4 x RE CONNECT VENUS Love spell candles powerful MAGICK has been cast into these candles
VENUS RECONNECT ( EXCELLENT to use when Mercury is in retrograde!)



These can be used to re connect with any type of relationship not just to bring an ex back but child, friend, parent, animal or to reconnect with a spirit guide.

You can use them individually ..or all 5 together.

Tap into the power of Venus by lighting these candles and draw in the power of Venus energy.

Love spells should be cast on a Friday...full or New moon.
(please note ,,these are handmade by me . I make a batch of 20 or so at one time. Each batch is then blessed and spell cast. Colours may vary from the photos as each batch is so unique. I use different herbs and petals according to the month and planet position)
5 X LOVE spell candles boxed.

These candles go very well with my LOVE spell kit .
Just light the candle & wish

VENUS RE CONNECT LOVE SPELL candles~Powerful~Twin flame

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