Her name is Queen SHARMA meaning of Fame and Light.

Beautiful white flying Unicorn Queen who is in foal by King Pie. I am so excited to finally offer a selection of pregnant female UNICORNS. These flying Unicorns are rare, but the flying black Unicorns were in decline.

She is due in August 2021

This Queen is part of our breeding program.

This is a powerful entity of Love on all levels and success. She brings great healing as do all our females.

I will send out more details of this amazing unicorn to the lucky new keeper.


This ring is esecially amazing as its a turquoise from the Sleeping Beauty mine.

The Sleeping Beauty Mine is located in Globe, Arizona is considered to be one of the most important turquoise producing mines in the world. It gets its name from a distance the mountain looks like a sleeping woman .

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise has properties that will help overcome nervousness or anxiety. It is a stone for the higher Conscious giving access to the superconscious. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is good for people who want to keep healthy mind. It can heal mental fatigue and bring inspireation.It encourages good intuition and foresight. Turquoise helps you to know, speak and live your truth. This is a good stone when you need assistance with the confidence and self love.


size usa 6.5 uk L.5


Blessings Di x