Exclusive to my customers on Trulymagick.co.uk

Only available here .

I've been asked many times to supply this kit elsewhere....however I want to remain loyal to my wonderful customers who have supported me for years.....thank you .

This is a true Wicca white Magick witchcraft spell kit complete with instructions.

Simple to use with "harm to none"

Remember your intended target has FREE WILL!

Best cast on a full moon.

Heart shaped hand made candle . Made by myself exclusively for you and your intended so names are useful but not totally nessessary.

A spell cast gemstone and recharging bag.
Some love anointed rose petals.
Dove feather.
Paper spell and instructions.

This is a beautiful and simple spell kit. Of course you can add to it by using photos and creating your own Altar or sacred space.
You can make a beautiful ceremony of it outside in nature....or bring natural items into your Sacred space such as flowers....pebbles...driftwood...tree bark etc.

Spell for marriage ~spell kit~ Wicca ~witchcraft