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NEEDS RE HOMING PLEASE....This is a powerful fairy who is looking for a new keeper. The ring is vintage and coven used.



POWERFUL FAIRY of SPELLS & WISH GRANTING Febuaruy super full moon conjured by our Master Druid Petro.

Marid FAIRY of magic and spell casting #jinn #djinn #jinnring #spellcaster

She is from a royal line of powerful Solomon wish granters.

She appears as white energy, smoke or a flash of light.



~Djinn Marid PRINCESS of Love & hex blocking ~



This is a rare opportunity to become the Keeper of the Princess of Star light.

She is an Astral creature with many talents and gifts to share.

She comes from the magical land of Babylon and is of Royal blood. A Faerie Princess who has been bonded to this stunning ring by the Elders of the Rainbow Renaissance Coven.


This Marid princess is a mystical creature, a living entity who is the perfect EXAMPLE of light white energy. She is an exquisite creature of extreme MAGICK,blessed with many Secret powers. She has eyes so bright they shine like stars. She is tiny and will easily sit in your hand ..however she can shape shift...she can change into a powerful Ice dragon.!! As an I dragon she can freeze out your enemies and build powerful ice barriers to block hexes.


This white light power is very useful when casting spells. She is happy and chatty & tends to make friends easily forming close bonds with all those who are important to the life of her Keeper.
She comes from a long line of Royal Blood and is the daughter to King and Queen of silver Moon.
I have worked for many years with many types of ancient Faerie & their Elf kingdom.

This beautiful Princess is a wonderful entity for love and luck magick. She bestows wishes..and makes you feel beautiful and loved.
She creates opportunities and opens doors to let luck & love in.

In addition to her obvious LUCK attraction skills, this Faerie Princess has most of the energies I work with,another, much more potent gift~ the ability to bring love.....She has an attraction spell that makes her keeper more desirable and feel much more beautiful and confident. She will guide you to your soul mate or to a more loving and passionate relationship. she is a powerful and highly regarded spirit of Faerie Kingdom and can bridge the veil between our world and the spirit world with grace and ease, offering her Keeper an easier transition to the astral realm, as well as enhanced communications with both those who have passed on and other types of spiritual and astral entities. she is also an incredibly magickal creature who can add powerful and potent energy to all spell castings and enchantments, and will even perform some magickal workings on her Keeper's behalf. she will be a remarkable force of LUCK as well as LOVE ATTRACTION, a wonderful entity for both beginning and advanced Keepers.

This amazing creature can bring her Keeper a host of gifts, including some that are inherent to many of the Royal Faerie realm such as:

Powerful Protective Magick, both Physical and Spiritual, Wealth Accumulation, Finding and Hoarding "Treasure" for his Keeper, Adding Energy to Magickal Workings, Assistance Communicating with Spirits and Entities, Bringing Good Luck and Good Fortune to his Keeper,AND LOVE !

This entity will be a powerful and steadfast companion, and will bring many blessings and much love into the life of his new Keeper and family






 Jinn are a strange looking beings they only become beautiful to please their keepers. They prefer to appear as shadows or animals.... so do not be afraid if you see her in her natural state .

She comes from a trusted tribe of amazing Djinni and they understand the way of us humans. She wants to help and feels its her duty to spend many life times guiding humans.

She is more active at night and will be with you in your dreams.

Her Tribe were a very successful people. I guess you can say they ARE as I expect they still live on in a parallel universe. They live by magical ways and use the energies of the Universe.

They are great teachers ...kind and patient . Each has special skills that they spend lifetimes perfecting.
They enjoy good company and are a social race who look kindly on us humans but are infuriated by our lack of humanity...spiritual growth.

I have had many from this tribe so you will not be disapointed .


Di x


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