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POWERFUL FAIRY of SPELLS & WISH GRANTING Septmber full moon conjured by our Master Druid Petro.

Marid FAIRY of magic and spell casting #jinn #djinn #jinnring #spellcaster

HIS NAME IS PRINCE YULLIE Meaning of jinn power

He is a powerful wish and spell caster.



He is a powerful ALFA male so needs a work with a warrior type. He will pick you.

I have his sister listed and I loved working with her. He is a shapeshifter and has duel personality. He can be kind gentle as well as strong and powerful. Thre are 2 faces on the ring which depict his personality.


....he is an Entity from my personal collection & has lived had many life times…

he is from a royal line of powerful Solomon wish granters.

he appears as white energy, smoke or a flash of light.

 Jinn are a strange looking beings they only become handsome to please their keepers. They prefer to appear as shadows or animals.... so do not be afraid if you see her in her natural state .

He comes from a trusted tribe of amazing Djinni and they understand the way of us humans. he wants to help and feels its her duty to spend many life times guiding humans.

He is more active at night and will be with you in your dreams.

His Tribe were a very successful people. I guess you can say they ARE as I expect they still live on in a parallel universe. They live by magical ways and use the energies of the Universe.

They are great teachers ...kind and patient . Each has special skills that they spend lifetimes perfecting.
They enjoy good company and are a social race who look kindly on us humans but are infuriated by our lack of humanity...spiritual growth.

I have had many from this tribe so you will not be disapointed .


Di x


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