RARE OCCULT WITCHCRAFT prosperity oil sacred HERBS+9 CT GOLD+CEDAR+alfalfa


Money and good fortune 9 herbs to bring prosperity and luck.

Including sacred Cedar, basil, chamomile, alfalfa

Tulsi or holy basil 9ct gold leaf.

Bath Oil

LARGE 50ml clear BOTTLE WITH MONEY CHARM & instructions

other sizes available.


Using 9 powerful ingredients including CEDAR, BASIL and 9 CT GOLD LEAF. In accordance with ancient recipes, rites and traditions.

For all those who are LOOKING to improve their prosperity, income & wealth.

It was believed that the ancient Kings and Queens would bath in exotic oils and herbs to keep their power and attract more wealth and prosperity.

Relax in this powerful ritual oil and recite the ancient rites of our Ancestors.

50ml bottle of bath oil plus ritual and information. ( best value size )

3×3×3 is a powerful magical sequence in witchcraft. We therefore make this product on the 9th day on the 9th hour of any month. Full moon blessed and spell cast at 9 pm.

The base oil was first spell cast for prosperity on the 3/3/2016 therefore making this a rare oil.

It takes great effort & time to blend these magical ingredients. The energy is high once released into a warm bath. Drop 9 drops under running water to release the magick.

King Solomon's temple was said to built entirely from cedar from Lebanon. Only a few hundred trees survive of the once vast forests of the Lebanon cedar Cedru. Cedrus libani, cedar of Lebanon was used by the ancients to build temples and palaces in the Middle East, cedar wood oil was possibly the first oil to be extracted from a plant, and was used by the Egyptians in the mummification process. The tree is now very rare. 

The twelve oldest and largest of these trees are revered by every monotheistic religion, and it is believed that an evil fate will overtake anyone who harms on of these trees. 

Chamomile soothes the spirit and can be a magnet for gentle nature spirits. It attracts prosperity and love, and the tiny flowers are enjoyed by flower fairies.


Alfalfa is believed to have the power to bring good fortune in matters of money, business and good luck in gambling. This symbolism flower is used to attract money.


Basil brings prosperity and luck when planted in the garden. In Europe, they place basil in the hands of the dead to ensure a safe journey. 


RARE OCCULT WITCHCRAFT prosperity oil sacred HERBS+9 CT GOLD+CEDAR+alfal

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