Rare vintage, high altitude Tibetan quartz crystal skull bead. 3 RD eye opening.


Sacred mountain entity of protection and blocking.


Giving you a permanent shield of power and protection.Hand carved in beautiful high vibrating quartz.The miners respectfully ask the mountain before they can mine and give thanks to the crystal for its powerful energy.


This quartz skull has been honoured and blessed before skilfully being carved.If you are drawn to this skull then you need some sort of protection in your life.This BEAUTIFUL & rare Tibetan high altitude Quartz Crystal SKULL has been charged with the sacred energies of the Himalayas for millions of years. Believed to hold sacred mountain spirits of great knowledge. WITH 3RD EYE ACCESS


Tibetan crystals are used for protection clearing bad vibes and act as a blocking shield. Just having a Tibetan high altitude crystal close to you puts up an automatic barrier against curses, hexes bad voodoo & negative energy. It also helps shield you from other worldly energy such as bad jinn...vampire etc. Just wear or carry to be totally protected.


Blessings Di x

Rare 3RD EYE OPENING high altitude Tibetan quartz crystal skull bead. PROT

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