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 Conjured jinn Queen of wolves blessed on the  super full moon . A powerful Queen of wolves marid jinn.#jinn# djinn #jinnring

Bonded and blessed By Edmond the Elder on the ancient sacred sacrifice stone . This is a powerful Queen of Wolves. She is a clever provider and cunning protector . She can take down your enemies with just one snarl of her strong jaws. She is a magical jinn wolf who will shape shift and conjure on your behalf. She will bring magic into your life and grant wishes and dreams.

This magical entity has 1000s of years experience in harnessing the energies of wolf magick. She offers protection against your enemies both human and metaphysical. She clears all negative energies and blockages . She releases you from karmic issues allowing you a more successful journey in this life time .
She can helps conjure abundance and blessings in both physical and spiritual form.
She can also guard against attack and brings luck to her keeper and family.

Easily bonded ...loyal and friendly .

Vessel Details:

Her name is : Queen MABUDA

You do not have to wear this piece to summon the entity, but I do recommend some skin contact each day for proper bonding to occur. Your ring has been introduced to you before I sent it.

It was bonded to you in a simple introduction ceremony so now all you need to do is love, enjoy and ask for his help 

Treat with respect and love and you will always have a loyal protector and provider by your side.

Easily summoned by just asking for help. Keep in close at night for that is when she is his most active. Listen to your dreams…and inner most thought.



 You do not need advanced skills or psychic abilities to benefit from them.





I have been a practising White Witch for as long as I can remember. It runs in our family, and we are linked to Old Mother Shipton.
These spells I use have been tried and tested with great success by Myself,Family and friends.
I believe spells should be fun..funny even and said ,sung or shouted with a smile:)
Your energy is much higher if you are happy and its the energy you put into a spell which really makes it successful.
Years ago when I first started to try out my own spell I would cast them with my dear friend . We would sing, shout, giggle and clap our hands with laughter AND HAVE SUCH FUN ...they were always successful :))
Having said all that, My spells are serious,strong and made with pure love intent.
There is no need to have any fear using my spells as I clear all negativity and and only work in white light and with the highest good.
My spells comply with the Pagan Magick rule "Harm to None".
Please try to relax and enjoy them..... and email me any questions you might have :))
All spells are cast at my alter. I make most of my ingredients myself or sauce them locally. I work with the Moon.Sun and elements.


size usa 6 uk M

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Email any questions.

QUEEN of wolves jinn ring ~ conjured magic~ JINN MONEY RING

  • I use Royal mail TRACKED AND SIGNED due to the value of my items.I am experienced in shipping to the US ,Canada, JAPAN, Russia and the EU.For Australian customers please contact before you order.I don't charge for additional items!! :)