( ONE OF MY personal OWN !!!) slightly over size usa 7 was made for me in the 1980s when I set ot on this journey.


solid silver hall marked and blue Topaz.


These are not just normal angels these are highly evolved from our Galactic Masters.

They go far beyond our Galaxy and have been sent to help all of Humanity. They will strongly guide the new owner of this ring to do far more powerful work. You will attain huge skills if you listen to this ring. You will be guided to open your 3rd and have access as far as the 6th dimension if you so desire. The new keeper will be will be draw to this ring and will not be able to stop thinking about it. You will feel in your heart this is meant for you!!!


Contact me as I will give yo names and sacred numbers …..



"Galactic Family" is a dimensional expressions of beings that resonates to a higher frequency of reality. However, some humans think of themselves as being "just humans “and therefore unable to connect. Fortunately, more humans today, are beginning to realize that they are Multidimensional Beings, whose consciousness can resonate to the third, the fourth, the fifth and even the sixth dimension. Our Galactic family is raising the universal energy levels to help us restore our planet to one of love and living through the heart centre.

Very rare Double Angel ring from the Galectic Masters.

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