Cast especially for you. custom made personal beauty and enhancement oil. Unlock the secrets within your subconscious.

whether its to enhance your looks,skin,hair body parts etc I can try to help you with this beauty empowering body oil.


This is not an easy subject to make happen and its certainly not as easy as waving a magic wand...believe me I wish it was!


I have decided to make an oil for the body so you have something tangible to work with which has been spell cast, rather than just casting a spell on your behalf. This way I hope you will buy into the fact that this needs your input more that the covens! 


On the subject of body change and beauty it's possible but can take years. It also takes positive constant belief. So yes the spell can be done but you have to work on your subconscious to change the body's condition

I have found that most people are not prepared to change their thought patterns so it becomes almost impossible for the spell to work. I have had success with this type of spell but it takes effort and almost weekly coaching. I personally have managed to stop excess hair growth and acne for clients . I have managed to grow very thick long hair for myself and my daughters. My beauty spells work quite quickly....but body shape changing is a tricky one unless you put in lots and lots of effort.


This needs dedication on your behalf as well. This needs you to change your thought process at a subconscious level.

I have worked with this magic all my life and it can take years to really see the benefits. 

First of all let me tell you I have had around a 50% success rate with varying requests from customers over the years.


whether its enlarging breasts or clearing achene ...from hair loss to a flat tummy it takes a lot of positive thought from yourself.


I wrote my first spell for myself at 15 years old as the hairs on my legs were dark and long. The boys on the school bus would tease me so I decided to shave them all off.

Alas they came back stronger and before I knew it I was shaving my legs I cast a spell.


I can honestly say that now I have amazingly smooth and lovely silky legs but it took years . I have done the same for my daughters with similar issues so it is possible but not an over night success.

I have worked on my body shape with success and manged to grow my they are too big lol....I am trying to reverse them.


Work on the principal that if from birth you are told you are very become very beautiful as long as your subconscious believes it!!


With this oil I believe you will need regular coaching . This can be done by phone , skype ...whatsapp ...or text and I will charge £ 30 per half hour. I will leave it up to you to decide how you want to proceed on this journey .....but I am here to try to help.


Di x



Personal beauty & well being SPELL CAST body OIL